Why Locke never became leader of the others

Hey, so in an older theory I have read we discussed the fact that you might have to kill your father to become the others leader. ben killed his father when becoming the leader of the others. Locke was also required to kill his father before becoming their new leader… but never did it.

Maybe this is the reason he never quite assumes the leadership role with the others (although he comes awfully close). This sparks a few questions/ideas:

1) Richard knew that Locke didn’t kill his father, so perhaps he is in on some conspiracy, maybe on the side of MIB. Why would he help Locke when as Locke said in the episode the moth, that struggle makes you strong enough to survive?

2) Who has killed their own father. Kate has. Could she in fact be in line to be the new leader. (she even took someone elses baby, just like ben did…) Although she doesn’t seem ruthless enough for it. Any ways…just thinking out loud mainly. Bring on the additions/detractions

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

11 thoughts on “Why Locke never became leader of the others

  1. I really like your thoughts on this ekolocation! Some valid points to consider.

    One thought I have regarding Locke is, maybe Anthony Cooper wasn’t Locke’s real father as has been theorized. Maybe, just maybe….a long shot I know, that Jacob could be Locke’s real father. That would provide a definite twist.

    Having said that, if Cooper is Locke’s real father, I think what you propose about Locke being ‘sold’ by Richard to get Sawyer to kill Anthony Cooper, and thereby averting Locke from becoming the leader of ‘the others’ is entirely plausible.

    Nice theory!

  2. i believe that the true leader has to kill their father, richard is aware of this fact but doesn’t know who the leader is yet.
    I think it is locke, i dont believe that anthony cooper is his father, his mother said he was immacuately conceived, i believe his ‘father’ is the black smoke monster and he has to kill/destroy this power that created him.

  3. I like the connection you made between Kate and Ben – I hadn’t realised that before. It’s definately something worth thinking about. Could Kate be the new leader of The Others? It’s certainly a possibility.

    I have to wonder though, why does someone have to kill their father to become leader? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  4. emzi
    i dont think someone has to kill their father to then become leader, i think that richard has the knowledge that the future leader did kill their father and this was important, but as of yet doesnt know who this is going to be.

  5. I too am curious about why you would have to kill your own father to become a leader. If Cooper is sawyers dad would that make Sawyer a leader. Is the whole daddy killing thing similar to the Amira proxy thing. Why do past events HAVE to be recreated like an artifical LOOP.

  6. #1: ekolocation = awesome name.
    #2: Great connection between Ben and Kate. That breakfast scene with still doesn’t make sense to me. They could have just made her shower and wear the dress and go straight to the cage.

    Do you think Jack, indirectly, killed his father by triggering the series of events that led to Christan’s death?

  7. Very interesting observations, particularly about Kate and other father killings.

    But personally, I think Locke became the Others’ leader simply because he showed up in 1954 announcing he one day would be their leader because Jacob said so. I think they just believed the enigmatic, time traveling dude.

  8. i dont want to get into a whole locke argument on whether he is special or not (i think he is due to the paralysis healing and drawing the smoke monster as a kid, etc.)

    but he never actually achieved leadership was my point.

    @scrollocke. I also considered the fact that jack was indirectly responsible for his fathers death. didn’t his mom blame him for it?

  9. This is a very interesting theory. And what about the guy that flies planes and helicopters, Illanna said he might be a “candidate”. Did he kill his father ?

  10. locke was always a little creepy. smiling at weird times…encountering smoky with no effect… etc. perhaps the old locke isnt what we though either…

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