Best Dressed

All right, let’s really test this new section out. Which Lost character is the Best Dressed?

I’ll start things off by saying Richard. With the exception of one moment he’s always in neat clothes and jus the right amount of make -up.

All right everyone, let loose with what you think.

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9 thoughts on “Best Dressed

  1. Alright Achalli, Richard certainly is an attractive guy and is well dressed at times.

    Unfortunately his outfits are NO match for the perfectly attired J. Crew ensembles Ben wears!

    Aside of that, Ben wears a ‘man purse’ so well. lol

  2. wowowo!

    best dressed! it must go to…me? nah not me!

    thats not allowed. i think….maybe libby on island, she was like a squatter, with her tweed attire, like she had been covered in glue and been made to run through a charity shop!

    uh oh!


  3. I don’t know about best dressed, but Jack deserves an award for always keeping his beard stubble the exact same length in Season 1-3. It’s clearly a high priority for him, despite all of the Losties other problems!

  4. Gotto go for Widmore when he gallops up on a horse in 1977. Great safari type gear. He looks like he just stepped off the page of some gentleman’s fashion magazine. (camping-leisure section)

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