Am I the only one who doesn’t believe in two timelines?

So the majority of theories (or maybe even all of them) are discussing multiple timelines splintering and converging. am I the only stubborn one who thinks otherwise? just sort of a poll/show of hands type question. cheers and almost happy turkey day for the yanks on the site.

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

26 thoughts on “Am I the only one who doesn’t believe in two timelines?

  1. Hi ekolocation, I am somebody who does subscribe to an alternate timeline. But, I am not looking for a debate on the topic. lol

    What I am interested to know is, what are your thoughts as to what is occurring, if not an alternate timeline.


  2. it just seems as though faraday finally decided to change the past, yet ended up dying. and as he dies he realizes that this is how it always happened, that his mom always knew.

    the point of him thinking he can change the past is to get motivated to do something. if you are in the past and believe it can not be changed, wouldn’t you do nothing? live for pleasure and not worry about the consequences because they will play out the way they were meant to and whatever you decide to do is whatever happened anyways?

    i also didn’t want to start a debate, just wanted to know where people stand. because we don’t have enough information, it is all conjecture, and either one side is wrong or neither is (i wouldn’t be surprised if they left it all kind of fuzzy somehow).

  3. Hi ekolocation, I am inclined to agree with your thoughts. I don’t think Faraday died in vain! I feel his purpose was instrumental in bringing about the realm of other possibilities.

    In fact, if we are to accept the theory that I’ve written, it legitimizes the Whatever Happened, Happened theory, in addition to those firmly placed on the side of change. It satisfies and compliments both.

    I don’t think the writers will leave viewers unsatisfied, however they have said, that they plan on an ending that will answer the big mysteries, but will also keep people talking about for a long time. This is how I think they want the show to go out.

    At least, I hope they do…..

  4. yeah, that seems to be their goal…which is why i don’t think they will answer questions that confirm fate vs. free will and large issues like that, although they will answer the statue, smoke monster, whispers, etc.

    and like you said dabs…
    At least, I hope they do…

  5. I was anti two timeline like you until maybe a month ago. I read some theories that seemed to make sense to me and that seemed a reasonable way to go with the story. I really didn’t get ideas that pretty much wiped what we’d already seen away. And I’ve heard and seen some possible spoilers that made go ‘what?’ who knows but I can’t wait to see which way it goes

  6. I think the alternate timeline comes from all the comicon videos and rumors of casting dead characters for season 6. It all points to an alternate timeline. I don’t base mine on actual spoilers because I try to avoid those, but you cannot ignore the stuff that ABC and Lost has put out themselves. With that in mind, nothing would give me greater pleasure than having all of that as a smokescreen for a completely unpredictable season 6.

  7. I am a firm beleaver of 1 timeline and the whatever happened happenend theory when you time travel all you do is travel along the 1 timeline nothing can be changed and also you can’t change the future we have had a glimps of it with the losties getting shot at in the boat and this will happen I will probly be wrong I usually am but I hope I am not on this topic

  8. they time travel again. or get desmond ish premonition powers…that conflict with each other. who knows? I just don’t find any of the “evidence” for more than one timeline believable or even correctly interpreted.

    i wouldn’t be too surprised if I turn out wrong. But until I see it, I won’t believe it.

  9. I’ll say this eko, Before all the offseason stuff, my theory was they time traveled to 1993 where we’d see an episode or two more of Dharma stuff. I hoped the purge and the other referenced “incident” might be explained. I’d rather the show go that direction than basically wasting half the season on an alternate time line, which might not even answer any of the questions viewers have about the show.
    If they do go alternate timeline, it will be an attempt to recapture some of the ‘character’ magic of season 1. While that sounds good too, I’d rather have loose ends tied up.

  10. As anyone who was on the site knows, I am a firm believer in the idea of changing the past being a possibility.

    I doubted many of actual “alternate reality” ideas, although allowed the existance of change…i I recall, many did NOT allow a possibility of change as the season progressed.

    On that, if change is to occure, the only way that we would know if an alternate reality did exist would be if someone was there to say, “this did not happen like this before…(MIB, Jacob, or possibly even Richard).
    If something changed, and there was a spectator who viewed both the original and the new, they would have been subject to actually living through two seperate timelines/realities…

    …that, and the book that young Ben gave Sayid was titled “A Seperate Reality”…
    I usually believe the clues we are handed on silver platters, and it coinsides very well with the theme of the sason, and moreso the theories that are present on the site…

    I do however have to say that this obviously is not the only option. The producers constantly want us to believe one thing so that the truth gets us even more as the story progresses…just with the knowledge we have up to this point, I have to say that “seperate realities” are a strong favorite for the shows future…

  11. I’m the opposite of Mulder from The X-Files — I _don’t_ want to believe! 🙂

    Oh, I don’t mind well-done multiple timelines (Back to the Future, Star Trek, etc). But I was enjoying Whatever Happened Happened, because it just doesn’t get explored often in sci-fi. Multiple timelines are so… vogue right now!

    But yes, I think the evidence is stacking up for multiple timelines. If not, it will have been an amazing sleight of hand by the writers!

  12. I think most would be able to guess what side I come down. Personally for me it would be more accurate to say that I believe in a ‘many worlds’ view rather than alternate timelines.

  13. i don’t not believe that there are 2 (or more) time lines – i just don’t want there to be additional time lines.

    whatever happened, happened!! if not, we have wasted our time with 5 seasons worth of storyline as it will all change in season 6. what is the point in the writers making us watch hundreds of hours worth of a program and then turn round and say: “well, the end of season 5 reset everything and changed the future so, basically, everything you’ve watched so far is meaningless”

    Id be maaad!!

  14. I agree with I_am_Jacob–I’d be mad too with multiple time lines. Too many possibilities, too much confusion for 1 short last (gasp!) season.

    Also, there are so many “coincidences” evident from the beginning of the story, so many connections of one character to another, that the plot really has to come around and resolve itself with one ending.

  15. yeah. and everything is starting to fit together so well. adding another timeline would be like finding out some of the pieces might belong to another puzzle. dilutes everything we have seen. i like my shows straight up, no chaser.

  16. I Believe/Hope for a 1 Timeline show even with time travel & body doubles. Andre7 has a good theory about being shown alternations of two realities with the same characters an really made me think about multiple realities but I’m sticking to they are time traveling to the same “Reality or Dimension” just like “Back To The Future” (going to the same fate or plotted past an BEING ABLE to change the past manipulating his present or future for better or worse, to think of it in the movie he always had to have gone back because they name their kid Marty after their friend who is their son just not at that time hhhmmm???? confusing but even in te other movies we see body doubles but even they cant interact)

  17. lol. like the opposite of the X-files way curious? I can’t believe.

    yeah bing, i’m with you on all accounts. I would be dissapointed with multiple timelines…

    anyhoo in the immortal words of immortal technique: you can’t change the past, but you can make the future. Anyone who tells you differently is a lethargic devil.

  18. Hahahaha Immortal technique is probably the best lyricist out today cause the words & ideas that man comes up with are just jawdropping…Idk if you ever tried to rap or even write a couple verses but if you did you will see that its an art & you learn to respect it alot more.

    I’ve seen Immortal live out here in Cali & man just him & a mic no music just the craziest freestyle you’ve ever heard in your life well if you understand some politics it was.

  19. i was wondering if someone would get that… good job Bing. I have tried writing, and while i can focus on getting a good flow, good lyrics and good rhymes, i can’t get more than one at the same time. i guess that’s why i’m not pursuing a career. hahaha.

  20. I’m def a single-time-line kind of guy. I have yet to see any single moment in 5 seasons that required multiple time-lines to explain. In fact, we have had the exact opposite, situations where the “pasties” created situations that the losties dealt with in the early seasons, and most profoundly, Desmond’s little mental journeys to his former self getting in contact with Daniel. Heck, for all we know Jacob is from the future!

  21. Oh, and BanLinus, spoilers with dead cast members can mean many things, not the least of which is FLASHBACKS. Considering that flashbacks are one of the most often used story-telling devices in LOST, I could easily see them being used to explain events from back in Season 1 or even Day 1. Considering that 90% of the people alive on Day 1 are dead as of the current day, that would require massive rehiring of dead cast members.

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