I’ve always wondered why Sun was left in the present when everyone else from 815, along with Juliet and Miles, ended up in ’77. Could it be with alternative timelines happening they all need a beacon home and Sun is their constant?

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  1. also for admin/emzi, im having trouble posting theories…i tried to post something in the debate section twice to no avail… don’t mean to post it here but i can’t seem to post a theory about it :p

  2. I believe that in the alternate time line, Sun dies in child birth and Jin raises Yi Jeon. But since the two time lines have to converge, Sun had to be left behind.

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  4. I had had a thought, what if in the same way that if you are meant to die, course correction will make it happen – what if Sun died in the alt timeline but she wasn’t meant to, course correction working in the opposite direction. This also bases on the idea that Jack and Co die in the bomb blast to answer Richard seeing them dead and then there wouldn’t be two of everyone running around after the merge, just Locke.

  5. maybe sun didn’t board flight 815 in the alternate time line (she didnt plan to in the timeline we have seen, split second decision to board only when jin produced the flower)so if she didnt she cant flash back with the losties who were on the 815 flight. this could mean that if sun meets up with jin in this present timeline, jin would have memories of his time with sun on island, but sun would not!?

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