But Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day

Let’s understand something about the Season 6 premiere, February 2, 2009. The producers could have chosen the prime time slot from any mid-week day. The question is, did they chose to air the last season’s episodes on Tuesdays, or did they choose to air the premiere on Feb. 2?

If you haven’t seen the 1993 film Groundhog Day, read about it here . In short, Bill Murray relives the same day of his life until he gets it right.

Sound familiar? Was that not the whole purpose of detonating the bomb, to relive a particular day in the survivor’s lives? What does the idea of living the same day over and over say about the previously vented timeloop theories?

After Season 1, each premiere has delivered a reveal almost immediately.
Season 2 – There’s a person in the hatch!
Season 3 – There’s a civilized village with cookies, book clubs and indoor plumbing on the island!
Season 4 – Hurley and 5 others made it off the island!
Season 5 – Farraday was on the island during Dharma time!

My prediction is that we learn of some Groundhog Day timeloop late on Groundhog Eve.

Season 6 – Someone’s reliving a day/period of time in their lives?

So, what do you think, is it just another Tuesday, or does Groundhog Day mean something?

Pretty appropriate that the season dubbed to have all the answers begins with a small hint and a big question.

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Written by

Damon Cuse

I got hooked on LOST when I visited my aunt and uncle in Honolulu for New Year's in between seasons one and two. They were big LOST fans because of the filming locale. A week later I had watched the entire first season and was starving for more.

9 thoughts on “But Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day

  1. love the movie, but i don’t think they would rewrite a portion of the show just to fit in with a(n) (admittedly excellent) movie.

    if it did happen though… my guess would be desmond…even though he isn’t near the detonation. he’s our conciousness traveling guru

  2. As far as tie-ins, what about FlashForward’s worldwide consciousness blackout being caused by some big final battle that happens in the Lost series finale? 🙂

    Only kidding of course. Although, to be fair there _was_ an Oceanic Airlines billboard in the background in FlashForward…

  3. Having never seen the movie, Groundhog Day, I read about it on the Wikipedia link. It sounds like a wonderful movie with a great technique, i.e., the time loop. As I’ve repeatedly stated, though, the time loop convention (and all the sci-fi techniques) are merely plot devices used to deliver a basic truth. It sounds like the Groundhog Day message was redemption–the character had to keep repeating his life until he found the true meaning of it–until he purged himself of his selfish urges he was doomed. This technique was used very effectively in Frank Capra’s all-time great movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which delivered a similar message using the convention of a guardian angel rather than a time loop: the despondent George Bailey was shown just how important he was by viewing the lives of his loved ones had he never existed. Both movies’ premise is very similar to the reincarnation idea in Eastern religions–you keep getting new lives until your soul is perfected and then you reach Nirvana, ultimately leaving this earth forever.
    Lost has been described by the writers as ultimately a story about redemption, and I think the time travel issues will necessarily become merely plot devices to tell the greater story. The quantum physics, schrodinger’s cat, alternate realities, etc. can’t become too complicated or too prominent in the story, because ultimately, it IS the story of the characters and their relationships that is the crux of the matter.

  4. Somebody on another site wrote a great theory about Juliet – being granted a similar situation to the It’s a Wonderful Life scenario.

    Because she was the human variable to the bomb exploding and causing the “alt” reality – she’s gets to see what would become of the characters (at what point she is shown this, I can’t remember) if she does not die.

    She sees how the characters being involved with the island is the end all of end alls – and that if she doesn’t die – they never come to the island – and the whole world ends – instead of just her.

    I just butchered the hell out of that theory – but it was something like that.

    Anyway. If this turns out to be a story of redemption via “love finds a way”- like Groundhog Day, or the Time Machine, or many, many, many other sci-fi and various other genres – I might puke.

    Unless of course the entire story is based around how Kate and Juliet are in fact meant to be together and their love alone can save the world. Ha.

  5. Something else that reminds me of Groundhog Day…. the count-down clock in the Swan is the same style of clock as the alarm clock in Groundhog Day with the flipping numbers. In both cases this style of clock was used to create tension for the audience… because you actually see the numbers changing, but you don’t know what it’s going to read next when they do change. And in both cases the tension is proven correct as something unusual pops up. In LOST it’s the heiroglyphics and in Groundhog day it’s 6:00 AM… as it should be, but the radio announces that it’s Groundhog day. Same clock, same plot device, same “resetting” of time.

  6. Also, if it is an example of reliving a life, then Juliet may be in for the same trip Desmond had, and we may get more examples of her leaving clues about the future in her past… and her past is a pretty twisted affair since she has already traveled in time!

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