Is it not a miracle?

I’ve briefly mentioned this before, and I know this is completely “old-hat” but if we are trying to consider every angle as a possibility in explaining the mysteries of LOST, then I have to throw it out there again… it has always been a bit troubling to me, and it is such a key factor to how the creators have been able to manipulate the entire show.  Once we were able to except this unbelievable fact, then everything that followed in their storyline became credible or at least was a possibility.   

Okay, here it is again… Who here on this sight, in their right mind would actually believe that a plane can crash in such a horrific way, splitting in two (maybe 3) in mid-air anywhere between 3 to 6 miles high (average commercial flights range between 5-6 miles), and that 74 people on board actually survive it?  Who believes that, ANYONE could survive it at all?!  I mean the creators all say that in the very first episode the answer is there, could it be that?  Many of us have gone over the episode (1&2) with a fine tooth comb searching for dialog and/or any physical clues… well, how about the fact that 74 passenger’s actually survived the crash?!  

Or did they?

This leads me to the button pushing theory (which I’ve seen a few times floating around websites including this one) and the fact that the Island’s time has been kept stationary only progressing 108 minutes before it resets and repeats, continually.  I have not fully calculated the dates but I’m sure many of you have, but lets say for the heck of it that it is 1978 that keeps repeating or some time right after the incident.  As people have theorized on this site, this is the reason why Locke can walk, why Rose is cured of cancer, why the 74 passengers’ survived the crash (not sure why the remainder of the passengers did not survive?  but that’s not important at the moment)… maybe this is why their wounds heal so fast, and maybe this is why we still see Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby, etc. because technically they are not dead yet… on the island that is.  Again, Charlie: “I am dead but I am also here.”  His body is on the Island or at least within its circle radius. 

So the Locke we see now on the Island is still Locke, as well as the Christian still being Christian, because they have been sent back in time to a period where they are actually still alive.  Yet in their cases, they actually died off the island – Locke dying twice now if you count the original plane crash.  And this fact that Locke has died twice might have something to do with the “loophole” … I have not gone that far yet, but maybe if anyone buys into this thought process, they might be able to come up with something in regards…

Eco, Charlie, Ana Lucia, Libby… they all died again as well after the plane crash but yet on the Island which actually exists in another time.  So maybe, when they do die (again) on the Island, they may actually become aware of this phenomena.  Lets call it, “unstuck in time” (Slaughterhouse 5), a sort of limbo state of mind, but only momentarily until the Island time catches up with the date of the plane crash and their actual deaths in 2004.  I know the creators said that this was not limbo, and yet it isn’t – the characters would just be stuck in a suspended state.  When they die (again) on the Island they become aware of this state of limbo.  I mean, they seem to be able to die again on the Island (after the plane crash death), and yet still be able to communicate with the rest of the 815ers at times, but not be able fully live with them.  If they can not officially die until the Island time catches up with their 2004 plane crash death, and instead they go to a separate Island reality after their 2nd death (on the island), and so on… this may be why Christian came to get Claire and convince her to come with him that she did not belong in that reality…  Ana Lucia tells Hurley that Libby says, “hello”, well Libby & Ana Lucia have died twice now (counting the plane crash) and maybe they are in that second stage of death — still suspend in time waiting for the Island to catch up.

I know there are many holes in this considering Jack & the rest of the Oceanic 6 returned to the Island but in a different time period, and the fact that Sun produced a child on the island (how did she do that if she died) and now that child lives off the island, and obviously Claire and her child who was born on the Island… but maybe all those phenomena’s have to do with the fact that “We were not suppose to leave…”  Maybe they could leave and people in the outside world would recognize them as is but it goes against the rules of the “death code” on the Island, maybe this is why Ben had all those people killed, to try and course correct the fact that Jack & co were not suppose to leave, they are dead but with time tricks of the Island they actually seem to be alive.

What a tangled web…. I’m just trying to chip away off the top of my head, but every time I get to the end of my thoughts, I look back at what I’ve written and see a huge slice of Swiss-cheese!!  I’ll  toss this up anyway and maybe it will trigger someone else’s brain to take bit & peaces into another direction… or just merely tell me, “you my friend, are LOST”  – Chow!   

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Ardent Knight

7 thoughts on “Is it not a miracle?

  1. I never knew if you took a dead person’s body back in time to a point where they were alive that they would come back to life. It really makes no sense and I’ve never watched a decent sci fi film where this was used. Does this mean that you couldn’t travel backwards in time to a point before you were alive?

    I hope the writers are smarter than this.

  2. I agree that there was something very special about the plane crash. Although, it wasn’t 3 to 6 miles high, based on how big & loud the plane was when the Others looked up and saw it.

    The whole idea of purgatory, limbo, etc, has been debunked so many times now by the writers, that’s the main problem here. Granted, there are multiple interpretations of “These people have hearts and when those hearts stop beating they die.”

    But at this point, I think if they wobbled even the slightest bit back toward “they were all kinda-maybe-sorta-half-dead” at this point, we’d collectively cry foul.

    Some interesting ideas, particularly trying to figure out what the heck Claire is doing hanging out with dead-dad. But a few too many holes I fear. 🙂

  3. I recently watched the first scene again and wonder just how did Jack wake up so inland from the crash (o the plane he was sitting right next to Rose who woke up on the beach) and when he woke up how did he know where to go?

  4. waycurious: Keeping up with my own rewatch, during season 1, Sayid mentions to Kate that it is very strange the way the plane broke/crashed and everyone is just fine, not a scratch.

    So they definitely did not just accept what happened,, just hoping we get more answers!

  5. yeah the fact that they survived is weird. but locke went back to before he was born. that should “kill” him. and walt survived even though he was born after the 70s. i don’t think time is involved. and the island isn’t timeless (ben grew up on the island, etc.) i thought this was plausible until mid season 5. now i don’t think so…

  6. Thanks for the comments…

    BanLinus… I believe if you go back to a point that you are not alive that it may give you a certain clairvoyance or psychic ability in regards… not exactly sure what, but why did the “Others” specifically want the kids, was it only because they were more pure?

    Rick_ D… I rewatched the 1st couple of episodes again during this long weekend, and at one point Jack does theorize that the plane was more like a couple hundred feet in the air when it split, but regardless – coming in at that force and strewing bodies all over the place with such violance… if one person survived it would have been a miracle! I also used the word “purgatory” (or rather “Limbo”) loosely – I absolutely do not buy in to the whole Religious equation in LOST at all. I was trying to find a word as to that state of their existence at the moment.

    I think the Island is actually is not only at a different date and time, but is essential part of a completely different dimension – one beyond our sense of reason. All the 815ers are actually dead – yet because of this dimensional void they have past through, they are suspended in time and have the capability to move freely as if they were still alive. Why would it be so important that they can not leave the Island? And why could Michael not be killed of the Island (or just outside of the Island)? Was the boat not inside the radius when it blew up? Sawyer & Juliet did see the plume of smoke from the beach, and the only time we actually see any vessel in the waters surrounding the Island is if its in the radius of the Island.

    I know that Locke dies off the Island but could it have something to do with the fact that he left the Island the same way as Ben did, and maybe in accordance to the rules, Ben knew he’d be the only one that could somehow kill Locke…?

    The tricky part about this whole show is that we constantly see people appear that have died, and are led to believe all along that this is possible – we actually see them converse with the various people on & off the island at different times… so in regards to that why do we automatically take for granted that the 815ers are alive, and they are just seeing or conversing with ghosts?

    If we are looking for logical reasons and a few hooks to hang our hats on, we sould first go to the “scene of the crime”, and first determine how 78 people survived such a crash, wouldn’t we? I guess my point here is that why do we all take that impossibility for granted?

    Has anyone read the “The Third Policeman” yet? (It’s a difficult read at times, but the similarities to LOST are numerable…) It’s sort of an “Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge” type of novel where the main character turns out to be dead the whole time. I’m more, and more leaning towards this with the 815ers, but I believe that the added wrench to this twist is that they did not die within our dimension. In other words like I mentioned prior, the Island is revolving in a different dimension – maybe not like I metioned in a different time period, but maybe its a dimension is similar to the state of mind of the main character of “Slaughter House 5”, were he constantly lives on his life in random order, yet he already knows when he dies. They call it the 4th dimension.

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