Touched by an Angel

I, like many of you (probably all) are anxiously awaiting for Feb 2nd to swing around so that we can have something new to discuss! Unfortunately we are all still stuck on last seasons finale and the questions are lingering. To me this is unacceptable, I want my answers! I know that in order to get those answers I must wait, but the least I can do is put together the information we have now to try and figure out what is going on.

Lets start with who is Jacob. Obviously a man, he needs to eat, needs shelter, etc. But what makes him so special? I think at some point in his life Jacob became a vessel, a vessel that has been inhabitated by some sort of power (a light/good power). This power allows him to travel through time and by touching the 815ers he is not only leading them to him (like a light house) but giving each a piece of his (light/good) energy.

Once Jacob was stabbed and burned to death in 2007 you would think that all of the power inside of him was lost. Possibly most of it was lost in 1977 (with those he touched), but their is still a piece of him in Sun – I will get back to this.

This is the point in my theory where everyone says “But he touched Locke,” and yes I have taken that into account! The day that Jacob touched Locke he gave him some of this light/good power as well. Later while on the island Locke had two interesting experiences with the black smoke monster. First time it just looked at him and flashed (similar to what it did to Kate & Juliet) and the second time it tried to drag him into a hole like one of the The French team members.

At this point Locke is the only character to have been touched by Jacob and the black smoke monster. Since then a war has broken out inside of John Locke, two entities fighting inside of him. When he visited the cabin for the first time, the energy inside of him and the energy in the chair came too close and all hell broke loose.

Now we have the Locke we all know and love jumping around through time, which if you really think about it can screw up a lot of things. Evil-Locke saw his former self (actually remembered it happening) jumping around with a bullet wound in his leg. He instructed Richard to tell his past self to bring everyone back and that he must die. He probably wanted his past self to die in order get rid of the second version, since his former self did not bring him back to the island anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment Locke turned that wheel, Evil-Locke popped up. We really have no idea how long Evil-Locke had been waiting on the beach for the Ajira flight to arrive, for Ben to come back.

Think about it, Evil-Locke told time jumping Locke to go die, meanwhile he is living all good in 2007. Having Richard tell Locke to bring everyone back and die was not how he got to where he was in 2007 otherwise Evil-Locke would still have needed Locke alive.

Evil-Locke was probably not expecting Ben and Jack to bring the dead body back with them.

***If light/good energy or power can be killed by fire, I want to guess that dark/bad energy or power can be killed by water*** This makes me believe that Smokey cannot leave the island and that Christian is an entity of Jacob because he met Michael on the freighter to say goodbye.

If “They are coming” means that the touched 815ers found some way back to Sun (the lighthouse), then maybe Sun is “the one who will save us all”

Any thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Touched by an Angel

  1. It seems that you agree with Ekolocation and the body doubles, which would occur from turning the wheel. So where is Ben’s body double? Where or when do you think Locke’s body double popped into existense?
    Maybe the body double isn’t evil at all, maybe Locke’s double has gained valuable information that caused him to want Jacob dead.

  2. Here are some of the possibilities for Flocke:

    (1) Like you say, he is a body double created by turning the wheel.
    (2) He is an imitation inhabited by MIB
    (3) He is alternate timeline Locke, who for whatever reason, is doing what he is doing.

    Danielle’s crew seems to fall into category 2, but who knows.

  3. Hey BanLinus

    I do not necessarily think that “turning the wheel” caused the body double.

    When Locke flashes to 2007 with the bullet in his leg, Evil-Locke is already there waiting for him. Locke has yet to turn the wheel!

    At this point we see two John Lockes, alive at the same time. So for the original one that was time traveling to be dead and on the island in 2007 is pretty likely.

    I am just not sure how two forms of Locke’s body can exist at once. My only guess is the Casimir Effect, please watch this video if you have not already, very important.

    Locke’s exposure being in the Hatch and when it exploded probably caused two bodies to appear when he went into the Orchid the first time when Ben turned the wheel.

  4. i think body doubles are possible. but danielle’s team is inhabited. like yemi was inhabited, etc. perhaps when bodies dissapear on the island they need to be taken to the temple in order for MIB to inhabit them. would explain the missing bodies thing. so the monster drags bodies to the temple for MIB.

  5. Hey ekolocation, you may be on to something, in order for a body to be copied/used it must first be brought into the temple, who knows, Ben may be a body double.

    Locke never officially went into the temple, but with his exposure to electromagnetic energy, pushing the wheel annd the fact that we have seen two living breathing walking John Lockes at the same time in the same place allows for a number of possibilities of how “their are two John Locke’s”

  6. hhhhmmmmm????

    Ok the whole body double thing is awesome & all but this body double thing could be a Theory of its own an kept this one to Jacob’s touch.

    The touch thing is interesting but If you look & think of why he touched them, they were for different reasons pertaining to the individual…Example, Hurley needing that Pep Talk from Jacob to help his insecurities & doubts.

    Then when he touched John Locke, It seemed as if he gave him life again cause Jacob didnt “fix” Locke’s broken back but Even if he was healed he would have to be alive to be healed & my belief is NO ONE can survive that fall an would die on impact IMMEDIATELY! (Its not like Jacob went running to Lockes side to help before he dies, If I remember right Jacob waited for Locke to fall then convenietly strolled over.)

  7. OK The body double thing…????? uhhh ok, I believe we can figure this body double thing better with the “Numbered Bunnies”. When Pierre is talking about a bunny an saying something like “they can never interact with each other” or something like that cause of a possible catastrophe.

    I just watched that video for the first time with number 15 bunny & left me with more questions than an answer so ill have to get back to you Josh After I burn this Cali Cush & really ponder.

  8. OOh Ya where I was trying to get at when I mentioned the different motives for the reason why Jacob actually touched the chosen losties was that some were serious like Locke but most were very minor influences in their lives when they are touched.

    I feel they were touched but not given anything special but a lil kick in the right direction…Jack & the candybar could symbolize that He will need to learn to rely on others to help him get what he wants or needs (Jack paid but couldnt get his Candybar out of the vending machine so he walks away beaten only to be helped by a complete stranger)

    An with Kate, she was somewhat taught a lesson not to steal an b e a good girl but does she??? Nope. she maybe influenced but still is a “rebel” an for some reason I want to say she was stealing her lil BF something an thats why she was caught but if thats right it could symbolize doing the right thing for someone else the wrong way could get her in trouble…HINT HINT helping her mom…If im wrong whatever bad memory but the others could be explained if Im sure.

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