If they had to recreate 815 …

Why did they LEAVE LAX (vs. Australia and go to it … )?

If it’s a time window, is it always one? Couldn’t there be another one in a few days/wks? Why is THAT window so impt? (Or was it a planned ‘urgency/emergency’ since their return doesn’t seem to have really changed events, except Sayid …)

Coincidence the Lamp Post is in LA? (and any reason it has a Dharma logo look – but no “Dharma” on the logo? trademark violation? *chuckle*) Is Australia another window?

(Also can’t figure out why no one’s pregnant, as happened both on the flight to the LAX and Sun returned pregnant. Seem’s somewhat impt…)

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2 thoughts on “If they had to recreate 815 …

  1. I had assumed that although there is always a window somewhere to get to the island, to be able to match up the current window with a commercial flight on the exact flight path at just the right time would be a bit more rare. As for to coming from LA and or Aust. The window might be two way, you can get through from both sides?
    On the Lamp Post, I’m very curious as to how and why it works. I hope we get a bit of an explanation, but it may just be one of those things we have to go along with.

  2. Waycurious, very good questions you raised. IMO it was more important for them to have as many people who had been on the Island before be on the flight. It seems that if a person has spent time on the Island they seem to bond to the Island somehow. The more people who’ve been to the Island the better chance the Island will take notice.

    Tas, as to how the Lamppost operates, I once speculated on this in a post called “The Pendulum’s Business.”

    Waycurious, perhaps the difference in the logo could be explained by the fact that the Lamppost was one of the first stations built and it is just an early version of the logo whereas the ones we see on the Island are updated versions.

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