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I just thought I would try this general chat section out I have just bought some tickets to see derren brown live because I think what he does is amazing I’m just as obcessed with him him as I am with lost and I was wondering if anyone else on this site likes him and all and what you think of him I can’t wait to go the only thing is I’ve got 7 months to wait if any of you don’t no who he is I suggest you check him out he will have your jaw to the floor with everything he does

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I'm lost can someone please give me some directions

10 thoughts on “Derren Brown

  1. i am a big fan of Derren and have enjoyed nearly everything that he’s done. i enjoyed the recent short series of his (The Events), particularly the one where that strange image made you stick to your seat – very strange!!!!

    i suppose that the only thing you have to trust is that Derren is definately definately DEFINATELY using people who are not stooges or who have prior knowledge to the tricks he performs.

  2. WOW I never heard of this guy before & the only reason I looked at this post was Darren Brown was the name of the Head Coach of my High School football team so I checked it out & thought you were talking about a singer or something, I had no idea this guy would be so incredible thanks for the heads up & I just got to wait to show my girlfriend how insane this is later thanks again Samson.

  3. Eko I wish I was mr brown I would be predicting the lottery every week
    and I am Jacob my favourites have got to be the seance special and also the one he makes that lad think he is actually inside the zombie computer game. Bing can’t beleve you are just finding out about him now the stuff he does is amazing I have even read his book he has out I can’t wait to see him live

  4. Omg the one where he got that guy For the zombie video game had me rolling on the ground laughing so hard. I just had to tell some buddies about that one cause we sometimes play a video game exactly like that but no arcade or trance.

  5. Yeah bing that is defo 1 of my favourites it kinda freaks me out a little bit when I watch it you should check out the he does he does with Simon pegg his face when he realises what has happened is brilliant

  6. Ohh ya that is just awesome…just the power of suggestion & all that is just amazing but I was a believer when he was able to help that guy at the dog track, ohhh my that probably the coolest thing i’ve ever seen like JEDI MIND TRICKS or something but like I said thanks again Im looking at everything I can right now, at the moment im watching “the gathering”

    If you dont mind me asking where are you seeing him?

  7. I have the gathering saved on me iPod that is a good 1
    I’m seeing him at edinborough I tried to get tickets at Sunderland because I’m from Durham just up the road but the seats that were left were crap so I thought I would turn it into a holiday and I took a week off work to go up to Scotland and see him should be a good week never been to Scotland I’ve got a hotel right on the golden mile

  8. I love the 1 at the dog track you should check his book out tricks of the mind it give you some real insight into how he does it all and also some of the stories about things he used to do to his mates at uni are proper funny he convinced 1 their was a elephant in his room and he was trying to sneak it out

  9. Hahahahaha thats so funny hahahaha I got to read it now…Im from the states so im sure he wont be coming down my way soon but every video I watch its just so hard to believe, like the kung fu punch??? omg the power of the mind is great…isnt like we use only 23% of our brains potential or something like that but I am sure you will have a great time ssshhh im excited for you to go I just wanna hear the stuff he does it seems so unreal. Sorry I know im just repeating myself now but 7 months is too long.

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