Child out of time.

Alternate realities. There I’ve said it; but what do I mean by alternate realities. Do I mean alternate timelines or an alternate world, (does one create the other?) that’s always existed. A world slighty different than this one but mostly the same. I mean both.  

If there is a way of skipping between alt timelines or realities then the island is the place where this has being going on for a long time. 

I believe Dharma was trying to create a breeding program with men from one reality and women from another. Was Ethan Rom or whatever his name is the first sucess. Alternate children?  

This is the reason for the fertility problems on island.  A cross reality bred child who straddled both realities would be the glue that enabled two competing timelines to survive, whilst also being a way to cheat the grandfather paradox. 

If a reality crossbreed  child was killed in one reality  he could still survive in both realities, because he comes from both places. Either he exists in both realties or he exists in neither. Because of this he keeps splitting the universe, and he never existed and always existed at the same time. Continuosly fracturing time and reality. Creating alternate realities with every breath he takes. Destroying the multiverse with every breath he takes.   
This child is the constant for the universe. An anchor of sorts that keeps everything in balance. Order and chaos. 

Maybe this the fate of Desmond and Penny’s son. To be the child of a man from one reality and a mother from another. Is it his destiny to kill his grandfather and survive the grandfather paradox?  

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18 thoughts on “Child out of time.

  1. I’m of the mind that there are only two distinct timelines and only for the time period of 1977-2007. The bomb created a separate branch. The two time lines will start to merge in 2007. The island is a special place where elements of both timelines are allowed to exist. Only those touched by Jacob, for whatever reason, will have vague memories, dreams about the other timeline. The other timeline may have ceased to exist.

  2. daddyx, do you think this has anything to do with the Others telling Locke to kill his father in order to be able to become their leader?

  3. Nice catch ilie. Yes I do. Wouldn’t it be funny if the losties had the one daddy. After all one sperm donor in this scenario if you knew it was a healthy donor might make sense. Let’s call the donor daddyx.

  4. It’s just thought not central to this theory. What if there was more than one alt crossbed child with different mothers but just one father, a sperm donor with only one person knowing who that was. Possibly ben or Juliet that donor would only be known as donorx. If there were two donors then it would be donorx and donory.


  6. This could really explain the whole infertility problem on the Island but I am not yet a firm believer in alternate realities because what peep are saying sounds alot like a parallel universe but there are too many similarities between two seperate universes that seem too coincidental, an if the goal is to merge these timelines or realities wouldnt there be two of everyone? Or am I LOST?

    I see alot of these “branching” ideas of timelines but I feel that the only way its possible to make a branch off a timeline would be to think of time as Linear Time, meaning that time has a start & an End in a straight line. Now I believe time is unpredictable so starts when your born & Ends when you die so not like pre-arranged time of death or anything like that but anyways time is moving as your living & if you time travel you would be looping back to a time on your linear “lifeline” an at whatever point you time traveled to on the Line is exactly where the “Branch” starts off your actual reality/time line which ended the day you traveled back with a loop to the past that your younger past self will thus have to do as well….So sorry if confusing it makes sense to me & thought I could explain it better.

  7. Thanks bing I think I get what your trying to say. I have two more theories to post soon that I think will clarify my position on alt realities and maybe persuade those unsure of alt or parallel realities.

  8. You should check out Andre7’s theory with multiple realities & timelines if you havent already.
    The comments are pretty good as well some made me almost believe it but then I just get more confused the more I try to go with it & some peoples definitions of Alternate realities & parallel universes are a little different from my own.

    But back to your Idea which is a good one but when I really thought about it, it reminded me of a movie not that old but definitely not new……..Can anyone think of it?

    A time Traveler going back through time to impregnant a woman from the past & the seed does grow up but he doesnt rip the universe apart with every breathe.

    I really wanna hear more about this idea cause you can have something there we just need the missing pieces.

  9. I love the way you explain birth problems on the island using alternate realities. This is great. But I still don’t understand exactly the physics of all this. I need to think about it.

  10. Jj23 the physics are based on quantum sucide theory. I’m not sure if
    people got what I was trying to say. Because of that I’m rejigging this theory. I think my next post will explain why John Locke thinks he’s special, alt, and the others.

  11. Hi bing. That’s not quite what I meant. First he doesn’t get a woman from the past pregnant it’s two people from the same time but different timelines. Secondly the child brings balance to the universe by Creating and destroying the universe simultaneously. This keeps timelines intact.

  12. Ohhh ok I might need to re read this again & maybe hear your rejigged version before I can try & wrap my head around this one but the only question I have is we did see Ethan die, so can he could be alive in another reality???

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