Are the Losties Jacob’s “loophole”?

Sorry if this theory is already proposed — don’t know how to search this forum…

Could it be that Jacob’s past manipulations of the Losties — including his past visits to them (revealed in The Incident) and providing lists of names to Ben/Others in Seasons 2/3 — were for purposes of countering MIB’s loophole? In other words, Jacob manipulated things so the Losties would set of the Jughead core and reset history, so that Locke never died and MIB’s use of the loophole to kill Jacob never happened.

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3 thoughts on “Are the Losties Jacob’s “loophole”?

  1. I think the thing we have to take into account is ‘what actually is the loophole’ – a loophole of what?

    Apparantly Nemesis found his loophole so he could take the form of Locke and kill Jacob. Why was a loophole needed? What were the rules that prevented Nemesis killing Jacob in his form? What were the rules that required a loophole to break them?

    I think until we know and understand the bigger picture of what Jacob and Nemesis were up to, what the rules actually were and who set them, it is hard to try and work out if Jacob’s actions were counteracting Nemesis’.

    I know that this site is about theories and theories are based on logical guess work and assumptions but the purpose of Jacob and Nemesis is very difficult to determine at this time due to a very distinct lack of information.

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