Pressing button bad … or not?

Where-he’s-not-supposed-to-be-Walt says this to Shannon. Hurley basically says the same thing.

Eco thinks it is important work.

Jack thinks stoopid and John tests his faith with it.

Des is told the ONLY impt. thing he will do is press the button. If he always pressed the button there would be no Losties … no ‘hidden island breach’ and no dead Daniel. (Did Mrs. H. just want this goal? Danged Dan just can’t stay away.)

Furthermore, when Des didn’t press and brought down the plane it hadn’t gone as far as when he turned the key. Could something else have happened before he turned the failsafe key? [Note: it was a white flash and Ben didn’t seem too surprised.]

So, knowing the consequences – and how it effects Widmore/Daniel/Losties, could is pressing the button good/bad and is it tied to Jacob/MIB alliances?

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4 thoughts on “Pressing button bad … or not?

  1. I thought it was more like a violet flash when Desmond turned the key.

    I’m guessing pressing the button was good, but communicating through the computer (ie Michael) was bad and may be more of a reason for everything turning out the eway it did…

  2. I’m wondering if pressing the button is an alignment of MIB/Jacob. Not pressing the button seems to get everything in motion. Those saying it’s ‘bad’ must be working towards that, while Mrs. H. wants the button pushed ‘cuz without it her son wouldn’t find the island to go to it to go crazy and then to die. Mrs. H likely Widmore aligned and probably Dharma. Ghost-Walt could be MIB manifestation and then Dharma is Jacob proved wrong yet again.

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