Thinking about Flocke…

Sorry if this has been proposed before — not easy to search the site to check…

So Locke’s dead body is brought back to the island, and the next thing you know (or we now know, anyway) Flocke is running around — i.e., MiB posing as Locke.

So somehow MiB can take on the persona of a dead person on the island — both the physical appearance and the behavior — voice, memories, etc. Somehow it’s like MiB can “read” the dead person and make himself into a copy. A doppelganger, if you will.

This raises an interesting question: has MiB previously taken on the persona of other dead people?

Could MiB have been posing as Christian Shephard? All the times Christian has been seen on the island (Jack seeing him in the jungle, his appearance to Claire, in the cabin, appearing to Locke after he fell down the well, etc.), it was really MiB?

And who else has been dead on the island, and subsequently appeared? Eko’s brother Yemi? Although most think he was an incarnation of the smoke monster (but could MiB and the smoke monster be related?).

Could it even be the case that Hurley’s seeing dead people is just MiB manipulating him? (May be stretching a bit on this one.)

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4 thoughts on “Thinking about Flocke…

  1. I could only speak for myself and yet, I’m sure other people on this site may agree… but I am definitely one of those that does not believe that there is any such thing as a “Flocke”.

    If I were a betting man, I’d say that the so called “Flocke” is actually still Locke, but from another time/universe/dimension…

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