Christian isn’t Dead

He’s a version of himself from a different timeline.

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19 thoughts on “Christian isn’t Dead

  1. I believe so too… that the version we see is not dead. He possibly even comes from another dimension in time or parallel universe… I’m telling Yojimbo, I’m really leaning towards the Island being a middle ground where all doors open up to, the smoke monster is part of the reality of this phenomina, intermingling the different worlds… also possibly part guardian/gate keeper, that keeps the different realities in check.

  2. @ifound… – good point with the eating, though Christian did carry a baby; and Locke’s shoes vs. Christian’s white trainers.

    @AK – this is what I was thinking. Though the whole disappearing trick Christian does would tend to indicate he isn’t “normal”. Maybe he can just run really fast.

    Wait – that’s it! The trainers! That explains everything! 🙂

  3. @ilie…: Yes. That would be an issue, if it weren’t for the runners. They’re VERY fast!

    Just like when he sets off the SMOKE ALARM in the hospital and then disappears. Quick feet.

  4. Well, ever since Christian arrived on the island, people’s shoes started going missing. He just HAD to try them on.

    They did catch up with him, though, and threatened to cut off his membership, so he took off to hide in the cabin for awhile. They were safe to wear shoes outside Dharmaville again.

    This is why we don’t see him until “The Beginning of the End”, still fixating on his shoes.

  5. I have a feeling Christian is something else entirely, i don’t know what though.

    I think hes been an important piece of the puzzle before he even came to the island, and has been guiding Jack for a long time, often telling him that his choices are wrong. he’d also met several others off island and is Claires father and grandfather to the oh so important Aaron. I also think his death was something he had to doand part of the plan to get Jack on that plane, why? I think we’ll find out in season 6.

  6. On the white shoes thing, didn’t we see one of Christians white shoes hanging from a tree early in the pilot episode yet Christian was also wearing them?

  7. within the first couple of minutes.

    As Jack gets up amongst the bamboo trees, as he makes his way to the crash site on the beach, he walks past a tree with a white sneaker hanging from a branch, the camera stays on it for a couple seconds.

    Check it out. Their might be a screencap somewhere on the net.

  8. OH DAMN!

    I just thought of something i never thought of before. What if the white shoes Christians wearing are someone elses shoes, in the same way that Locke wore Christians…question is, whos shoes were they??

  9. This has got me thinking, what if part of Christians role was he had to die and get certain people on that flight including his dead body, just like Locke did? hmmm…

  10. @ShephardsFlocke: They were Jack’s shoes I think – Jack made a big deal out of how he felt bad because he couldn’t be bothered doing anything better for him…

  11. They were Jacks? Damn i was hoping they’d turn out to belong to some big important character. I was Getting carried away there.

    and Tas, thats what i think it means, Yojimbo, you’re idea could be possible but i think as you mentioned earlier him just appearing and dissappearing in places would indicate that the Christian we’re seeing is not an actual person. Especially on the boat.

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