What if smokie visions are all in your head?

Some interesting ideas on what smokie is and how it works have been put out there lately, I really like Achalli’s ideas about plasma, seems reasonable. Have just been having a discussion on the ‘All is not as it seems’ post about the physicalness of smokie and how Alex (as somkie) grabbed Ben. Not sure if the plasma theory can cover that but then I had the thought – What if these ‘apparitions / visions’ are all in the person’s head. Please correct me if I am wrong, but has there been a time when a person other than the intended ‘viewer’ has seen the vision? Eg Jack seeing his Dad, Eko and Yemi…
If only one person at a time witnesses these visions, maybe smokie isn’t physically becoming that person, but is using their neural pathways to make it seem like they are there, kind of like a really good quality virtual reality game. That could explain how they can just appear and vanish without smoke (eg Christian at the hospital and the freighter) and how they could seem to have a brief physical presence, it’s all in their minds. Does smokie need to spend time with the body, to study it to get the programming right before appearing, can it read the dead people like Miles.
Like I said, I don’t think more than one person has been around where we have actually seen them see the smokie vision as well, and that would blow this idea out of the water, here are the smokie apparitions I can remember – Christian to Jack on island, in hospital, Yemi to Eko, Alex to Ben, Christian to Michael on freighter, Christian to Locke at FDW.

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20 thoughts on “What if smokie visions are all in your head?

  1. Hi Tas….apparently a few people found some holes in this theory, and I did too. Walt appears to Locke and Shannon, and maybe a few others, and we know he’s not dead. However, I fully agree with you that this is more of a supernatural force than some never before seen technology (no offense Achalli, your theory was very good. I just think something as detailed and technical as plasma or nanobots would take too much for the writers to explain and for us to understand).

  2. If Smokey can trigger electro-chemical reactions in one person’s brain/nerve cells, I guess that he/she/it might in principle be able to do the same trick to two persons simultaineously. So I wouldn’t say that the theory is dead just because two people saw the same apparition simultaneously.

    One thing that bothers me is the appearance of “Christan” to Michael on the ship. Isn’t Smokey supposed to be physically restricted to particular areas on the main island?

  3. Come to think of it, wasn’t Christian’s appearance to Michael on the ship a complete waste of time and energy? Or can it be interpreted somehow to make sense, e.g. that Michael’s work (for the island and/or for Smokey) was finally done?

  4. I mean, Michael wasn’t able to kill himself off the island, right? Perhaps Smokey needed to release Michael somehow by appearing to him? (I can’t believe the nonsense I’m speaking here. 😉 )

  5. Sorry for spamming, but isn’t it also so that people have been brought back to life by Smokey? I’m thinking of when “Walt” told Locke that he still had work to do after Ben had shot him. So perhaps Smokey always appears to people when he wants them to start or stop living?

    PS. Poor Locke! How many times has he died? I guess he died when he fell from the window and was brought back to life by Jacob. Then I guess he possibly died in some sense in the Oceanic crash. And Ben has possibly killed Locke twice. Perhaps Lost is the story of how Locke dies once per season? 😉

  6. wingnut028, I know someone who decided to stop watching Lost after Locke was betrayed by his father to get his kidney. And Locke is not the only one in Lost with a horrible histoiry.

    No more OT from me now, promise! 😉

  7. This was meant to go in the debate section asa it’s not a completely thought out idea, my actual theory is down in debates (clever me for ticking the wrong boxes).
    If two people are the intended viewers like Sun and Lapidus I guess ilie… could be right with the theory not being completely sunk. Has anyone walked in on someone else’s vision unexpectedly and seen the same thing?
    On Walt, being that he’s not dead have Damon and Carlton confirmed that he is smokie related because separate from this idea, that doesn’t match up with the other smokie stuff?

  8. From Lostpedia: “In the May 21, 2008 Official Lost Podcast/May 21, 2008, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed that Yemi, the spider which bit and paralyzed Nikki, and some versions of Walt are manifestations of the Monster.”

  9. I guess there are at least two categories of apparitions that are probably not created by Smokey:

    1) Hurley’s visions of dead people
    2) People’s dreams

    Do some of Walt’s appearances fall into these categories? Could all other appearances by Walt be Smokey?

  10. PS. I agree that it’s wierd that Walt can be alive and still an apparition by Smokey. Is that what makes Walt special? It doesn’t sound like a very attractive “gift”. Could it be that all children can be copied by Smokey? Is that why The Others have to take all children? Sounds like a longshot…

  11. One more thing… It has sometimes been suggested that Locke has been Flocke/Smokey ever since Ben shot him and Walt appeared to him (and possiblity revived him). I just want to point out that I think we can exclude that possibility. Because if Walt is Smokey AND Locke is also Smokey, why would Walt then appear and say to Locke that Locke still has work to do? It would be like Smokey was talking to himself. However, IF Walt in that scene was in fact Smokey, then it seems clear that Smokey is at that point somehow guiding Locke (by giving him a little nudge when needed and perhaps even reviving him).

    Hm, now I’m getting the idea that perhaps Walt can be both Smokey (MIB?) and Jacob. In Lost mythology, perhaps all adults are either good or evil but the children are undecided? Nah…

  12. Interesting thoughts, I think we are all going to be blown away when we get some answers, the complexity and attention to detail by the writers is confusing and impressive.

  13. do you remember in season 1 when locke makes boone hallucinate? when boone comes running angry at locke, locke asks boone: what did it show you” (or what did it make you see) something along those lines. I originally thought he was referring to the island, but since locke encountered smokie as well…maybe he was referring to the smoke monster…

  14. I think it is very plausible that some of the Smoke Monster manifestations are visions in a person’s head. I think this would be especially true of Eko’s first vision of Yemi before the ten caught on fire. As for Walt I think the producers said that only some apparitions were generated by Smokey.

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