I’m currently watching NOT IN PORTLAND in my rewatch, and something clicked. Let’s believe for a second as it has been said time and time again on Lost that WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED.

The person who brought Juliet to the island was Richard Alpert. Alpert knew about the detonation of the bomb in 1977, what if he went to brought Juliet to do just that. He obviously remembers Locke’s visit in Jughead, and that is why he went to visit him, and gave him the choice between the items. He paid Juliet the same type of visit, and brought her to the island so she would be there in 1977. Therefore, I have to assume that Richard is loyal to Jacob. While on the island and living as an other the relationship between Richard and Juliet is not shown, or referred to at all.

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  1. @ Tas I feel richard is loyal to Jacob due to the simple statement by jacob,”they’re coming.” They are coming b/c juliet set off the bomb it seems, and that is why i feel richard brought her to the island.

  2. From what I have seen, Richard has only met Locke, Faraday, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Kate, Sayid & Jack in the past.

    Juliet may have seen Richard from a far, but she never once interacted with him from the first flash to the time she fell in the hole.

    I just rewatched season 5 so, yea!

  3. Ive felt all along that there is something more to juliettes character and this would fit in nicely, nice thoughts sinster. Do you think there was any significance in Juliette Being branded from the others for killing pickett on the beach?

  4. I don’t think they ever did show Juliet, and Richard in any scene together other then in the episode NOT IN PORTLAND. That was my point.

    Suffice to say Richard had to know Juliet was on the island, she was living there for 3 years prior to the arrival of Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Hurley.

    Richard definitely knew about Jughead b/c he help extract it from the temple.

    The show showed him visit John, and it is now obvious he came w/ those items because he met John in the episode titled JUGHEAD. This was made quite clear.

    So, if we are working with the theory WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED. Then I feel he obviously went to bring Juliet to the island to be detonate the bomb. This in return leads me to believe Richard is aligned w/ Jacob, because Jacob stated, “They are coming!”

    FYI the typo in my above post is driving me NUTS, obviously brought should be bring… LOL

    About the branding… I’m almost up to that episode in my rewatch. I’m going 2 pay close attention.

    I’m beginning to think that there may be more then one group of others, or all the others are not on the same page. :0)

  5. If WHH then Richard can’t know that it was Juliet who detonated the bomb (if it even detonated) because he wasn’t there for that. Jacob could be talking about a huge range of people when he says “they’re coming” an assumption that he means the losties and therefore Richard is loyal to him is just that a huge assumption. Richard also said he saw them all die. So if WHH they are dead. I wrote a theory (posted it in debates by mistake) on how the alliances may stack up called Jacob the tribe has spoken, that has my take on Richard and Jacob, rather than me going off track here about that, but I really think we have to be careful when making assumptions and taking what we’ve seen at face value, they do love to lead us all down some funny paths with this show.

  6. In the beginning of ‘Not in Portland’ – Ethan passes Juliet on her way to Rachel’s apartment where we see Juliet give her the “miracle fertility drug” – this was BEFORE her interview with Richard.

    Why was Ethan in Rachel’s apartment complex? Ding ding ding! Ethan was treating Rachel. His treatments allowed her to become pregnant – not Juliet’s. She felt like she was a “mess” not a leader – she lacked confidence in her ability. Rachel getting pregnant gave her the confidence to accept Richard’s offer – well that and her ex getting hit by a bus.

    Anyway. I totally agree that Richard was given the task by his “boss” (either Jacob or MIB) to get Juliet to the island (I’m not going to say which one without more evidence). But Richard has to follow the orders of the “leader”. In that case – Ben. SOOOOO – how would Richard get Ben to need someone like Juliet on the island? Wala! A fertility problem needs a fertility doctor – but not just any fertility doctor, a special one who can make miracles happen (the miracle element actually being Ethan).

    Remember Richard’s conversation with Locke about how Ben was focusing too much on the fertility issue when there were much more important issues to be worrying about? He said that because he helped create the fertility issue because of Juliets future purpose and knew the bigger picture was much more important than the small one.

    I think the writers want us to think she has always known more than she lets on – and if that’s so then maybe at some point between 1974 and 1977 her and Richard have conversation that we’ll get to see this season.

    But all of a sudden I really want to think that all of her weird decision changes in the season 5 finale were based on the fact that she really felt she no longer had anything to lose once Sawyer saw Kate again. She chose not to leave in 1974, therefore she chose not to see her sister again. No sister, no Sawyer, might as well help blow up a bomb.

  7. Sorry I keep typing so much but this has me thinking…..

    Remember when smokey “flashes” Juliet and Kate when they are handcuffed together and hiding in the tree? It flashed Juliet and realized who she was (lets call her the bomb vixen because we can), and quickly retreated. This suggests to me that smokey is aligned to the same person that instructed Richard to get her there in the first place. Without Juliet there – Kate would have been a goner.

    I think maybe Juliet’s mark was just to echo Jack’s tattoo – that neither one of them were “one of the others”. It was obviously important that Juliet travel through time – but if she was ever made an “official” other – that wouldn’t have happened.

    I feel so bad for her now that I think she really was just a pawn the whole time so that she would blow up that bomb 🙁

    I hope this whole ALT timeline/parallel universe gives her the fulfillment she deserves. (true love, possibly a baby of her own) What a great and beautiful character!

  8. excellent observations scroll locke… i’m not up to juliet and kate being handcuffed together, but i’m almost there.. i’ll pay close attention, and i do agree about ethan

  9. I’m really hoping that Rachel’s cancer wasn’t also something that came from THE BOSS – but I suppose that since it’s the reason she needed Juliet’s help – it probably did. How sad. I’m confused on how any of this will be made clear next season without a flashback. I guess if it’s an ALT thing – that’ll begin in 2004 – but the Juliet/Rachel story began in 2001. Hmm.

    I really, really, really want to believe that Juliet has been granted the Desmond specialness and therefore her mind will have jumped to 1996 – maybe in the ALT, maybe not. GOOD LORD THIS IS CONFUSING.

    If her mind does jump back she’s stuck in 1996 (or whatever year it goes to) because she’s dead in her present.

    I guess that would mean any back story for her wouldn’t really be a back story because it’ll be her current present. Maybe she’ll just mind jump to 2004 – but in the ALT she won’t be on the island and her sister will never have had cancer.

    I doubt she’d want to seek out any of the LOSTies, what would be the point of that for her (even if they remember everything because of Jacob’s touch)? I bet they’ll find her for whatever reason – maybe once Sawyer realizes that Kate is in love with Jack – he’ll find Juliet. And then they’ll have a kid, and Jack and Kate will have a kid, and they’ll grow up and find the island and become MIB and Jacob. I’m not serious – but its funny how endless the possibilities are for this show.

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