The observation temple.

Their is evidence of different cultures having previously existed on the island. 

We know from Jacob and Mibs conversation that people have been coming here for a long time. The blackrock also provides evidence to support this, although this is not a certified fact. 

Daniel Faraday believes that the losties  themselves are the variables. 

My theory is that people with certain traits, or possibly talents, from each of these cultures have had the ability to either change the outcome of the valzenetti sequence,or more likely alter it just enough to give mankind more time to exist. This is progress. Making fate late. 

This culture, this time around is more scientifically advanced  than previous cultures. So much so that it might actually have become aware of this problem of it’s own accord. If this is the case it may have created the loop itself in the hopes of finally solving the equation pernamently.

I think every single flashback or forward has been an alt reality. I have no evidence of this but i would cite the many jobs of John Locke. Its almost as if each time we see in a new job/role he is a slighty different man. Then theres Nadia. Every time we see her there seems to be something different about her. Hated/worshipped in her homeland. Our losties, in one reality or another, have being doing this for a very long time. And every time they have someones been observing. 

This is where this theory takes two shapes. One scientific, bear in mind I’m  not a scientist and neither are the shows writers, two religious of a sort. Bear in mind I’m not a theologian. 

One: the temple has been home to a group of scientists who have been observing the variables. Possibly trying to steer them in the right direction. This group of observers could be from the future, past, or present. If they exist I would bet it’s the future. This could be the answer to the whispers. Imagine the inside of the temple as a science lab with screens upon which the observers gaze. Maybe they saw one of the losties/variables doing something and they were talking about it. Whilst doing so one of them accidently leans on a speaker switch. This then transmits somehow to the outside where the losties hear this as whispers. They might have access from the temples to many alternate realities where they can pluck alternate versions of the losties from or download an alternates memories into someone else. This could be the reason why Richard Alpert told Sawyer that Ben would lose his innocence. How could a child remain innocent knowing that there are multiple versions of himself. This is why Des is unique. Their is only one version of Des, no alternate versions, just one Des who can move between all versions of alternate realities. Or maybe it’s because his conciousness can travel between them all.   

Two: because of the unique properties of the island the temple is a place where you can meet God, whatever God you believed in. Or visit albeit temporarily your idea of the afterlife. How too could a child remain innocent after that experience.   

In either scenario anyone would have to feel superior to other mortals who remained ignorant of this knowledge. I prefer the first scenario.  


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16 thoughts on “The observation temple.

  1. Im liking this theory. Does this mean that the Valenzetti equation has “ended” mankind on several occasions? Are these people sent back from the brink of extinction? How is it possible to alter/change the valanzetti equation/sequence?
    Like i said enjoying this theory but just wanted to know your thoughts on the above questions daddyx.

  2. My take on it is that the different people from different periods in time I.e. Egyptians came to the island. Within each group of people were a set of people who were special in way. Let’s call these special people within the group the variables. Somehow this group of variables have a way of changing the valzenetti squence, even if they don’t know this or know of the squencence/equation. I think it’s probably only people from our culture that are aware of the ability to change the squence either pernamently or temporarily. Even one number changed could buy mankind some time.

  3. Off the top of my head, I could think of three incidences that don’t jive with this theory (1st I’ll say nice thought process though either way…)

    1. Sawyer tells Kate to find Clementine, blah, blah… if Sawyer’s relationship with Clem’s Mom (can’t remember her name off the bat) was in an Alt reality, then how could this be? Kate does find her, and more importantly she remembers Kate from her Flashback…

    2. & 3. These two may not qualify, because they were very recent flashbacks prior to the crash, but they were flashbacks never the less – Jack meeting Ana Lucia and then remembering so later on the Island, and the fact that she was down under with Jack’s Dad… and to further that, Sawyer meeting Jack’s Dad, and later telling Jack about it. So, be careful to claim all flashbacks are Alt Realities…

    Matter of fact the more I think about this, it doesn’t ring true. I mean Kate was a fugitive in custody when she left, she was wanted when she returned, she was endlessly running from the law when we see her in flashbacks… We could easily paste these Flashbacks into a timeline that makes sense. As for Locke, many people go through life (especially many people similar to John) in and out of jobs… I mean, I think I would be a slightly different man each time myself!

    Good thoughts but I’m not sold on that Flashback thing…

  4. Hey ardentknight. No worries man I don’t expect everyone to believe in everything I do. I’m open to good constructive critiscism like yours. Maybe not all the flashback and forwards are alt. But maybe some of the key characters flashback and forwards are. Or possibly just one of them.

  5. but how could you explain that some flashbacks are from an alt timeline that would be crazy confusing, it needs to be consistant for all. I do think the island properties can be used to affect the valenzetti equation (why dharma turned up) and I think previous cultures have used the island and can explain ‘outof time’ technologies. But the temple being a big lab with people constantly being observed seems a bit over the top and doesn’t fit with the ‘vibe’ behind lost.

  6. Over the top in the same way that a book club in a village that mirrors suburbia everywhere existing on the island. Did that fit the vibe of the season that preceded it.

  7. I didn’t find that too much, we had been given clues that there was something up with the others, surprising yes a bit unexpected but I could buy it. If what you say happens I can’t see me buying it. On the observers, I think the reference to Bentham and the panopticon is thematically linked to there being no observers, even if they think theyare being watched, it’s all an illusion. The writers used that name for a reason so that’s why I’m a bit anti a group of observers.

  8. Good point on the panoptican tas but when that book club scene aired everyone I knew was shocked, even people within various media shows were all WTF! As far as that goes every season of lost opens with a WTF! moment.

  9. Ardent: A lot of people go through career changes. Yes. But John Locke goes from working in a toy department (if we can believe the implied chronological thread) to being a building inspector (what qualifications doesw that imply?) to a regional distribution manager for a box company. For at least a year somewhere in there he is rootless and a member of a pot growing commune.

    This either makes him special or there is a narrative pattern being established.

  10. yes, that moment was surprising, but the subsequent story fitted and linked all the stuff we’d been shown without really knowing what it had meant. I just feel that the references to Bentham are leading us to the illusion of observation, rather than an actual group watching. But I’m expecting the WTF moment then 17 episodes of ohhhh , that’s what’s going on.
    Andre7 in 15 years my husband has packed shelves, worked as an electrical salesperson, lectured in film theory at uni, made short films, designed and programed websites and is now a marketing consultant. And all in this universe, a huge range of jobs doesn’t mean they occurred in alternate realities.

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