Locke, Flocke, and some Smokey theories…

I’ve seen a bunch of theories on here about the relationship between Locke, Flocke, Smokey, and whether Ben was tricked or has a plan, so I figured I would chime in, but there are so many theories and comments that I got overwhelmed and so I’m just making my own.

We’ll start with Locke and Flocke. Personally I don’t buy the two timelines theory, and thus I think that Locke himself is indeed dead. But that brings up the question, who is Flocke? I think that Flocke is MIB. now, we’ve only seen MIB, as we know him, once that being when he was talking to Jacob on the beach and watching the Blackrock off shore. He refused to eat the fish, and passively aggressively told Jacob that he didn’t agree with what he was doind and that he would eventually find a way to kill him (Jacob).
Personally, I think that we have seen MIB many times throughout the series. I think that he can make himself to appear to be other people, provided they are dead. He appeared as Yemi, He appeared as Alex, and maybe he even appeared as Boone when Locke was in the sweat lodge after the hatch imploded. Possibly he appeared as Anthony Cooper, for Locke/Sawyer to kill. Also, and this one is important, I think he appeared as Ben’s mom when Ben was a young kid. However, this will bring people to say, “Why didn’t he appear as a dead person and convince someone to kill Jacob a long time ago?” Well, maybe he can only stay in these dead people’s forms for a certain amount of time, and the more “special” they are to the island, the more he can do with their bodies. Therefore, when he poses as Locke, who was quite special (being paralyzed and being able to walk), he can inhabit that form for as long as he likes.
Now, if he posed as Ben’s mom a long time ago, and Jacob has never acknowledged Ben, perhaps Ben has been under the influence of MIB all along without knowing it. And all of his plans and manipulation have played right into MIB’s hands.
Jacob has brought so many people to the island, and used them for his plans, perhaps MIB decided that if he were going to kill Jacob, he would need to play that game, and he brought Locke and Ben to the island, or he at least usurped them and used them for his own plans.

Also, as a bit of a side note, I think that Smokey is a minion or at least under the control of MIB. This may be shown by the fact that Smokey comes at the beck and call of Ben, until Flocke/MIB doesn’t want Ben to use Smokey. So Smokey is loyal to MIB first, and will obey Ben if MIB approves.

So, all of this begs the question, how much does Ben know about his own manipulation? Because we can’t deny that Ben is extremely clever and manipulative, So if he were to find out just how much he played into MIB’s hands, would he turn on MIB and use his cleverness against MIB? Has MIB bitten off more than he can chew with Ben? He successfully killed Jacob (who knows if he will come back or whatnot, Jacob’s still an enigma), but he still has to deal with the Losties and Richard, and these new people i.e. Iliana, and the other people that seem to know Jacob and are carrying Locke’s body.

If I keep going I’m going to get into another theory of mine about the coming war, so I’ll stop here for now before this turns into something else entirely.

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15 thoughts on “Locke, Flocke, and some Smokey theories…

  1. I like most of the points you raise. At this time I believe the majority of people would agree that Flocke is Nemesis (I use this term because I donLt like using MIB. It brings up images of UFOs and Johny Cash to me). And I think it is very plausible that Nemesis used and duped Ben. As for Smokey, I think that he is in service to the Island first and formost but can be used briefly by someone who knows how. Nice theory, I enjoyed it.

  2. Jacob and MIB have been set up as equals within the narrative and as such, it would make sense that they are the same (if one is immortal so is the other, if one can time travel or shapeshift, so can the other). We’ve seen pretty much nothing of MIB but we saw a bit of Jacob – he seems to
    Stay in the same form, he can travel off the island, can either time travel or doesn’t age. We’ve been told that the supernatural appearances in the cabin werent him. So doesn’t it make sense that MIB ‘is’ in a similar way? And if you are going to make the leap to say MIB can shapeshift, then you need to say that Jacob can too. Then how do we know who is who?

  3. seems we are in the same boat. i have been thinking along the same lines as you, blue. ill await your next theory to see if were still thinking the same

  4. Thanks Eko
    Tas, that is a very good point, i hadn’t thought of it that way.
    Ban, I think that the explosion of Jughead will cause another flash similar to the flashes caused by the turning of the wheel in the Orchid. and it will send them back to the present. the difference between this and the multi-timeline theory for me is that it’s all on one timeline. there was no timeline where 815 landed safely in LAX, that never happened. and all of the characters aren’t on different timelines, they are simply in different points on the same timeline.
    at the beggining of season 5 when the flashes are happening, daniel says, “either the island is moving through time, or we are, and it’s just as likely that we are.”
    i think that the “rules” that daniel mentioned, that you can’t change the past or the future, that will be what is contended. it will be up to the losties to break that rule somehow is my guess. still i think the next season will focus primarliy on the war that is coming.
    I think my idea is relatively similar to the multi-timeline theory, in that they somehow have to course correct, but there is only one timeline.

  5. Another thought, are you saying that MIB not eating the fish is important (somehow shows that he isn’t a ‘real’ person), then how do you explain Locke eating a mango? If he is just an apparition (can’t be using his actual body as we’ve seen it), how does he/it eat?

  6. LilBoyBlue42, people have commented that when Ben, Frank and Sun got to the main island, things seemed different from before. I don’t remember the details, but for example I think it somehow seemed that the purge never took place. Have you read theories detailing these details, which seem to indicate the possibility of different time lines, and what do you say about it?

    Tas, are we sure it is a real mango that (F)Locke is eating? 😉 Nevertheless, I guess we have no strong reason to believe that MIB and his apparitions are not able to eat. We just know that MIB chose not to eat fish at one point.

  7. Another example is the broadcasting of the numbers after the bright flash when Ajira is landing. It seems that Rousseau never changed the Dharma transmission.

  8. I really feel that they showed Locke eating the mango to clearly tell us that he is a real living breathing person, different to the smokie apparitions. I can’t see any other reason to put that in. And yes, theredo seem to be a number of things that indicate that something has changed, possibly another timeline- new dharmaville and the numbers are quite obvious and significant to next season I think

  9. You have some interesting points and I generally like this theory. Some of the comments have been discussing whether or not MIB (As an aside, the last time I was on this site, we were calling him Esau, I second the earlier point that MIB reminds me of Will Smith and Johnny Cash- it’s a bit distracting, and I’m curious about why Esau has been dropped- anyway) can shape-shift, and if can, can Jacob also shape-shift? I remember it being understood that all -or at least most of- the dead people we’ve seen are embodiments, literally, of the Smoke Monster. MIB could control Smokey without needing to have shape-shift abilities himself. Perhaps both Jacob and Esau/MIB have access to Smokey? I’d say the control is MIB’s alone, but can we be certain that Jacob wasn’t behind some of the ghostly visits that came to Hurley?

  10. I guess the name Esau might have been dropped because it’s not MIB’s name and it gives Biblical associations for no obvious reason? According to Lostpedia, ABC has used the names Samuel and MIB.

  11. I think it was a reference to being Jacob’s brother. If ABC has used other names, then MIB and Samuel are more properly cannon. Thanks for the info! I’ve been out of the loop awhile and am just now revving up for Season 6!

  12. hmm, i’m still on my second watch-through of season 5. once i finish it (in a couple days) i’ll have to think about the multi-timelines theory and get back to you about it. as far as the mango and fish thing goes… he probably just doesn’t like fish… maybe he’s allergic, or just a picky eater…

  13. When Nemesis refused the fish offered by Jacob, he said “No thank you, I just ate”.. So unless it’s sarcasm, Nemesis does/can actually eat. Plus, as FLocke eats the fruit on Hydra, it seems as if Nemesis is enjoying it a great deal since perhaps he has not tasted anything in quite a while..

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