Anthony Cooper/Paramedic

So, I just rewatched the episode where Sawyer finally gets his revenge. Sawyer asks Anthony Coooper, and he explains how he basically woke up on the island after a car accident. In his story he says he remembers a paramedic smiling at him while giving him a shot. Who else thinks the paramedic was Jacob? Similar, to how the oceanic 6 had a run in with him pre island…

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4 thoughts on “Anthony Cooper/Paramedic

  1. Def. think the ‘accident’ and arrival on island (dead or alive) was orchestrated – and I must admit, AC sure acted like Jacob did while taunting Ben.

  2. I tend to think Richard. In episode where Ben shows Juliet her sister and her sister’s kid in the park it is Richard who is off island running errands. It is also Richard who recruits Juliet. Cannot be Ethan, he is already dead when Sawyer-cooper is taken.

  3. I agree with ilieintheshadowofthestatue. I feel like it’s more plausible it was Abaddon since Jacob only visited the Oceanic 6 and Cooper is definitely not one of them.

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