Sawyer is a bunny?…

I simply figured I’d post this in the just for fun section. For those of you that haven’t noticed or haven’t readd the book, Watership Down, I’ve realized that Sawyer has nearly the same characterization as the character Bigwig.
In the first season Sawyer is repeatedly seen reading the book, Watership Down. And throughout the show (which has plenty of references to the book through all the seasons), Sawyer follows the same characterization path as Bigwig. He’s a jackass that is big and throws his weight around, but no one really likes him. Then as the story goes on, he shows his soft side a bit more, and becomes the group’s protector of sorts, and always treats everyone with a tough love attitude.
This isn’t a theory it’s just something I noticed and thought was interesting. Hope you enjoy.
Happy Holidays.

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  1. The show creators always think about names apparently there was a serial killer called Jack Shephard and theres plenty of other references to real life such as faraday

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