Why type numbers into computer?

It does seem a little stupid to require that someone types those numbers manually into a computer every 108 minutes, doesn’t it? One would have expected Dr Chang to be more inventive than that. It’s more like a strange dream than a security system at a nuclear installation. Can someone think of another reason for this non-practical and dangerous solution (beside the Lost story-telling point of view)? Didn’t they have time to come up with something better before almost everyone died? But why requiring that a number sequence is entered?

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8 thoughts on “Why type numbers into computer?

  1. Perhaps it a signal everything was OK. An Other might push the button, but not know the code. It’s clearly recorded; that’s why Des knew he caused 815 to fall. Perhaps the numbers weren’t really important as any number, and these numbers were on the hatch. [Yeah, we know they’re significant in other ways as well.]

    That brings me back to whose team likes button pressing. Clearly not pressing the button sets off a chain of events. (Maybe Other prophesy?)

    Mrs. Hawking – press button only impt. thing. (result 815 doesn’t come)

    Walt – don’t push button. Button’s bad.
    (off-island comminication restored)

    Ben – go ahead, don’t push it. (Ahhh, that’s prob. just Ben messing w/John’s head).

  2. I agree… why would they leave the fate of the island to something so unreliable? I think it was partially a psycological test (the purpose of that dharma station with the notebooks).

  3. I think a lot of posts are of the variety that something is important and needs to be explained. The numbers and the button pushing is one of those things. I sure hope we don’t get short changed on this one. We need a little more info please.

  4. I’ve gotta say maybe its because its a show, the numbers have importance of course. Sure the numbers could have been programmed so you just press execute every 108 minutes(Extra-Long Snooze) so you could think maybe DHARMA were being stupid but they thought everything out so why this?? Well the only answer I have its more for entertainment purposes and the fact it takes years to type each number in for the Losties therefore creating an urge to get it back to 108!

    Could have a robot with a big timer on it every 105 minutes 🙂

  5. We’ve never seen what happens if you only press the button and don’t type in the numbers, or the right numbers.

    I think the numbers are important, but for the technology of the time it would be a simple check to make sure the people pressing the button are safe. Robots need maintenence. People are replaceable.

  6. Hm, I guess that neither a button-pressing person nor a button-pressing robot would really be needed to make a computer perform some task every 108 minutes. 🙂

  7. We still don’t really know what Dharma was doing with The Swan post incident.

    Let’s look at some dates/facts/speculation about The Swan:

    We can assume it took 3 years to rebuild/rethink the station because of the 1980 copyright on the orientation film. So we’ll also assume from 1980-1992 (the purge) – it was properly being used for its post-incident intention. Also – it is located in grid 334 inside “Hostile territory”. How did that work with the truce?

    Since the computer was connected to a network of computers and it was being video monitored – I’m fairly certain that even if the people in the Swan failed to enter the numbers and push the button – it could be done from another computer on the Dharma network.

    Therefore I’m going to assume that the turning of the fail-safe meant to the off-island Dharma folks that the on-island Dharma folks had been completely eliminated – but also that turning the fail-safe, whatever that actually did, was better than letting the Swan be under the control of the hostiles. Similar to The Flame’s chess game CODE 77.

    This makes me think that pushing the button wasn’t really “saving the world” – maybe instead the whole point was for one person (preferably a Dharma one) to eventually be forced to turn the fail-safe, and that act (whatever it did) – was in fact the thing that “saved the world”.

    Desmond needed to go to the island not to push the button, but to NOT push it.

    Maybe. I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

  8. im just thinking as to whether..if they had typed in different numbers, they would have got more time?? (as we know, the numbers typed into the computer added up to 108..) or maybe that 108minutes is the most amount of time they could use before the button pusher forgets about the button?
    lol.. im just being random

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