Can Richard Alpert possibly be the father of John Locke?

Emily Locke tells them the baby’s dad is at least 20 years older then her, she was 15. In Cabin Fever when Richard is standing at the door, the nurse ask Mrs. Locke if that’s the baby’s father, she says, no, but looks at him like he knows him… Just an idea…

I also think it’s still a possibility that John & Bed have the same mother, w/ the name, and the premature births. The age differences also works w/ Locke being born to a 15 year old, and Ben’s mother appeared to be in her 30’s… So it’s still possible. (I don’t know if this was discussed prior to me joining this site.)

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16 thoughts on “Can Richard Alpert possibly be the father of John Locke?

  1. Another good point is that Alpert was always in Portland. In Cabin Fever, John’s teacher tells him Mr. Alpert in Portland is interested in his talents. This is where Emily Linus gave birth, and was found by Horace, who brought Ben to the island. It is also where Juliet is told she is going. What’s the Portland connection?

  2. This would be very interesting, however there is one thing that makes it impossible : When Richard Alpert goes to see young John Locke, John Locke’s mother would have easily recognized him.

  3. Actually its not a problem at all, b/c Emily Locke DID NOT see Alpert at the hospital. Her mother did from the window, as I noted above, and locked at him as she recognized him…

    Also, it is probable that Anthony Cooper, and the woman claiming to be Emily Locke to John Locke to obtain his kidney were running a con, and were not his biological parents. Cooper could have somehow found out John was a match and conned him out of the kidney. He was a con man…

  4. oh, and remember John was a foster child so the woman there when Alpert brought the items was not Emily Locke, that was his foster mother, so still not a problem.

  5. Ben and John don’t look very much like Richard, though, do they? Richard’s children would most likely be played by dark beauties, wouldn’t they?

  6. Jack & Claire don’t really look very much alike do they?

    Also, by no means did I mean to imply that I think Richard Alpert is Ben’s dad, b/c I don’t. I think we all saw enough of his dad in season 5. I think they may have the same mother Emily… It’s just a thought…

  7. Aha, same mother. You could be right. There are definitely some family relationships that we need to find out about in season 6. The show somehow seems to be about lost parents and children (beside losing yourself in various senses).

  8. Locke is only 7 years older than Ben. Locke was born in 1956. Ten year old Ben came to the island around 1973. You know my mother has the same name as my friends mother. I wonder if that makes us brothers, brutha.

  9. i wonder if you miraculously regained the use of your legs by landing on a crazy island, brutha. no? hmmm it seems as though your universe and the lost universe have different rules and that there are few “coincidences” in lost.

  10. Okay, so let’s assume this is all true. To what end does this become necessary. Or is it just a ‘soap opera’ tactic?
    So Theresa falls up the stairs was Faradays girl also? Is Dave also Libby’s husband Dave. Is Charlie Hume, also Charlie Pace and Charles Widmore all in one? Is Charlotte Lewis also Charlotte Malkin? Annie is Katherine Anne? Or is Annie, Anna Lucia?

    If this is true, then they have gone out of their way to make reasonable people believe it couldn’t be true.

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