Can it be possible?

We all know that lost is about White vs Black. Who wins the game?
I think that Seth and Jacob were playing a game, and Seth broke rules of a game and now they are all destined to die. The island is no more a paradise, the island became hell at the moment Ben killed Jacob. The whole time is shifted and the ones that played a game together(The ones that were touched by Jacob, and the ones that were cheated by Seth) are now on their own. They are all trapped in time and the only way out of this is with winning the game.
When the game would be won, we are going to see a big white plane in flames on the sky. Maybe the writers are telling us that no matter how you try, you cant escape from what has been done, you are LOST forever.

I am not gonna lie to you, guys. This is some heavy physics stuff. But everything checks out.
Everything that is happening now is the game. Get it. Everyone is the player. They are some evidence that proof that this game started to play in ancient civilizations. The meaning of lost is, that the game never ended, and that people who found them self in the middle of it, were all the same.

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5 thoughts on “Can it be possible?

  1. im sorry but besides your username, i dont see any “heavy physics stuff” in your theory. perhaps you are eluding to something but what physics are you referring to?

  2. I think someone is yanking your chain there pal.I see absolutely no Heavy Physics in this theory just an assumption by yourself and a strange riddle that doesnt make much sense to be fair.

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