Proxies: Black Rock, 815, 316?

Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sayid “flashed” off 316 because they had been to the island before, right?

Did they (+ Rose & Bernard, Jin, and Sawyer) “flash” off 815 because they had been to the island in the 1970’s? Were they unknowingly recreating/acting as proxies for another group of people Jacob brought to the island (like the Black Rock)? Are proxies limited to type of vessel?

In order for the 815 crew to have flashed to 2004 (instead of another time due to not having enough proxies that mirrored the last vessel’s passengers) – did the Black Rock have to have the following “characters” ?:

– Jack (maybe a doctor, the “transporter” of a coffin, or specifically somebody who lost their father)
– Rose (maybe somebody with cancer, somebody who found their soul mate later in life)
– Bernard (maybe a dentist, somebody who found their soul mate later in life)
– Jin (maybe an ex-soldier, maybe someone unable to have children)
– Kate (maybe a murderer or stealer or con-(wo)man, a “runner”)
– Sawyer (maybe a murderer or con-(wo)man, a person who became who they hated)
– Hurley (maybe someone obsessed with numbers, struggled with weight, talked to dead people)

Maybe these “characters” are a form of the idea/concept of reincarnation – being that the core of who they are will be repeated in different people for all of time until somebody progresses beyond their core. I don’t know if proxies are gender specific – reincarnation isn’t.

Anyway – just thinking outloud. Any thoughts?

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