Why all of Flight 316 didn’t end up in 1977

Yesterday I finished watching season 5 on dvd. When watching the deleted scenes something clicked. I think I know why Ben, Sun, and (F)locke didn’t end up in 1977. John Locke DID NOT ask Sun to return to island due to his promise to Jin. Everyone the real Locke asked to return ended up in 1977, those he didn’t ask did not… That’s how simple it is…

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14 thoughts on “Why all of Flight 316 didn’t end up in 1977

  1. Excellent!

    Any thoughts on why Locke didn’t go to 1977? Would he have gone to 1977 if he had been alive when he reached the island?

    And any thoughts on why they went to 1977, of all possible years?

  2. Just to complicate things for fun….

    If whatever happened, happened, meaning time is linear (regardless of perspective) – then Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were always in 1977. Sun and John were never in 1977.

    Therefore – Sun and John (dead or alive) can never be on the island in 1977 – so they didn’t flash there via 316.

  3. Ok the replication reason is just a theory at this point. Also, I do believe our losties always went to 1977. I just think sun didn’t end up there bc the real john Locke didint ask her. That’s what always happened. ;). He also never asked Ben or Flocke so it makes sense.

  4. My magical explanation is course correction. Sun dies in the alternate timeline and to course correct she is delivered to the island in 2007. Thus, Jack, Jin, etc(from the alternate time line) will also be delivered to the island 2007.

  5. Here’s an idea:

    Sun isn’t dead in the 2007 ALT (not that she won’t/can’t die this season) – which is what 316 landed in. It landed in the ALT because of the lack of original 815ers and not enough 815 proxies.

    Sun and John and adult Ben didn’t flash to 1977 simply because they were never in 1977. Time is linear – but appears otherwise because of perspective.

  6. ScrollLocke, your reasoning for Sun not going to 1977 is very ‘which came first the chicken or the egg’ -ish.
    I think it will be explained beyond that.

  7. BanLinus:

    I’m sure there’s some fancy pants reason why Sun didn’t flash to 77 – but again, I think Occam’s Razor is going to bleed us dry on a lot the little questions/mysteries.

    There are other “chicken and egg”ish concepts already – that friggin’ compass, maybe the knife, others I can’t currently think of.

    I don’t see Sun’s character being important beyond the drawn out and uninteresting Sun and Jin reunion. I guess maybe Ji Yeon could be the important part but she’s still a baby and not on the island.

    In the potential ALT/815 lands scenario – it’s possible she would have left Jin at the airport in Sydney or would have left him earlier and wouldn’t be a part of the ALT story….unless in the ALT she never meets Jin, instead marries that other guy, they go to Los Angeles, ALT Jin arrives there, she’s wearing orange one day, they meet, yadda yadda. The only difference would be no Ji Yeon.

    WTF does that kid have to do with the story?!!!!!

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