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Well I was watching season three over again and in the first episode you see the plane crash from the others perspective. After that the camera backs all the way up to show you the entire town is in he VERY center of the island.

Then I re – watched season 5 and I noticed that when Sun and Lepidus are going to  go find all the other losties we see them dock their boat then walk past the dock and BOOM there in dharma ville.

Yet season 3 showed us that dharma ville was surrounded by mountain and no where near the ocean.

Is there more then one dharma town? How about the time jack, locke, and saiyed were escorting mikehail, when they suddenly come up upon dharma ville. They noticed the pylons of death and jack said they’ll just go around. Mikhail says there is now way around. The pylons surround the town. Jack takes out his map and low and behold he wasn’t kidding.

Q. What does that  have to do with anything?

A. Well as I recall Sun and Lepidus never saw the pylons they just walked into the town.

Then I read highbrows theory about the building Sun and Lepidus met christian in still had the pictures of dharma up. ana how the others probably would have took them down if they lived there,

Did something happen before or after the losties left. There was 2 times where no losties were on the island. Before the crash and When they left.

2 groups are on the island

lefties – these guys left the island there were 8 of them.


seventies – these guys were left behind and were transported back to the seventies.

So what losties are on the island between 2007 – 2009 (or 2010)? None. What could have happened between that time before the losties came back?

Maybe dharma came back for one last stand. Maybe the others split into 2 groups. one for MIB (pre un – locke.) and Jacob. It would explain why some others kidnap which doesn’t seem very jacoby at the moment. So maybe they were working for MIB (pre un – locke).\

I’ve been gone for a while so what do you think.

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  1. Maybe this is the answer. Near the dock is a reception center. The main Dharmaville is a few miles away and had to be travelled to by bus.
    Or its just a big continuity error.
    Or maybe they are trying to slip it by us and there is a reason for this. I think part of Dharmaville is on the coast, so maybe that overhead shot is the continuity error.

  2. I agree with BanLinus that there may be a reception center near the dock.
    or it may be a continuity error. remember that the writers and producers didn’t expect the show to be a success and when it did, they didn’t have a definitive plan for what would happen or how it would end. they came forward half way through the third season and announced that they had settled on an ending and a direction for the show. since the overhead shot of dharma-ville is in the beginning of season 3, i think it may be very likely that it is a continuity error.

    nonetheless, nice job noticing it, i completely missed that fact. and i could be wrong, it may be important, certainly something to keep an eye on.

  3. Wow. You have a keen eye. I agree that the pylons are only around the back side (the jungle side) of Dharmaville – and not the beach side (the dubbed “reception” area). The shoreline creates a natural fence.

  4. I was under the impression that Dharmaville was a bit off the coastline and they just don’t show people walking up the path/road to get there, they deliver the new DI people from the dock in a van, so it must be a little way away. The Dharmaville where Frank and Sun turn up is definately the same place that the others live, the buildings are the same, just different. They have been set decorated in the exact same way as in 1977 when the DI are there, just made to look abandoned (very different to how it is set decorated in others’ times). I used to be very anti 2 timeline unitl I noticed these details, and have since gone back and compared all the times we’ve been shown dharmaville. If you use the rec room as an example – we saw it in 2004 when Kate was held by the others, then in 1977 when Kate, Jack and Hurley arrived in DV, it was the same room they got their jumpsuits, we then see it in 2007 with Frank and Sun. In 1977 there are DI photos on the wall and an inoculation sign, in 2007 the photos and sign are still there, just old and abandoned. In 2004, the photos and sign aren’t there! The others took down the DI decorations, so how did they get back up on the walls? There are heaps of other details that tend to say that when we see Sun and Frank, the past hasn’t happended in the same way we’ve already seen. Even the Risk board is very specifically shown and is different to when Sawyer etc.. were playing (supposedly the last time people were there).
    I think we are going to be shown two timelines, one where the bomb blast in 1977 had some quite far reaching consequences for everyone, not just the 815 crash, this needs to course correct and merge with the timeline we’ve already seen for everyone to get back on the same page to fight whatever war is coming. ‘They’re coming’ could refer to those in an alternate timeline.

  5. Tas, yes I think this is exactly it. The question is ‘When it comes to two timelines, just how special is the island?”. Could both timelines exist together, a co-mingling which could help explain the whispers.

  6. think we’ll find out it’s something like that because the losties camp is still there which doesn’t make any sense with the different dharmaville. Something interesting is happening on the island.

  7. I agree with Banlinus in that the reception center is at the dock but the main Dharmaville area is inland and surrounded by the pylons. I’ve been under the assumption that the area contained within the pylons is the area that the Hositles have allowed the DI to use. There always seems to be a concern about some one from DI being found near or beyond the pylons.

  8. This is a very good thought and a good catch. However, i was watching a Season 4 deleted scene with Miles, Sayid and Kate. Kate was trying to turn off the pylons and Miles (whether told by a ghost or whatever) just walked straight through them showing that they were already off. So im guessing that nobody bothered to switch them back on, which is why Lapidus and Sun walked straight into Dharmaville.

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