Aaron… the Anti-Christ?

Hey everybody,
It’s been awhile since I’ve time to think much about Lost, but a new thought occured to me the other day and I don’t know if it’s been brought up yet, and if it has I’m sorry to be repeatitve.

Sorry for reffering back to religion, but what if Aaron is the anit-Christ? In the first season, we learn about Claire and her situation regarding her pregnancy. An Aunstralian fortune teller told her that “great danger surrounds this child” or something like that. At first, he is fearful enough not to read Claire’s fortune, telling her to take the money and leave. Later Claire comes back, and he tells her that there is a darkness or something bad. He tells her that she, Claire, must raise this child herself and not give him up for adoptin. He calls her and begs her not to let Aaron go. He says that Claire’s good influence must be a part of this child’s life or there is a great danger. He even books a flight for 815 so that Claire would get stuck on the island and be forced to raise Aaron.

So… if there is such a great danger surrounding the child, and Claire’s “good influence” must be apart of his life, could Aaron be the anti- Christ?

I myself am undecided, and there are two reasons why: 1) If Aaron is the anti-Christ then it would be years before he could do any damage. But that may not matter if the main battle belongs to MIB and Jacob. Also, there is the jumping timeline that could boost Aaron’s age. 2) And the fortuneteller must not have been so great if he could not see that Kate would end up raising Aaron. However, was he lying and really wanted Kate to raise Aaron? Or are the island’s powers too great so that they sheilded Kate from him? Or is the fortuneteller working for somebody? Is there another reason why the fourtuneteller couldn’t see that?

So please let me know your thoughts. And don’t be afraid to point out any stupid idea I have lol. Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “Aaron… the Anti-Christ?

  1. I had a feeling that maybe it was less about Aaron and more to do with Claire and using her emotions about her baby to get her to the island. There has to be soMething going on there with her leaving Aaron and going off with Christian. Don’t know?

  2. First, I’m not sure what religion you are referencing that says there is “The Anti-Christ”.
    Second, I hope they don’t try to directly refer to any former work of literature. It’s okay to use works of literature as inspiration, but to literally lift characters out of other fictional works would be lazy.

  3. The fortune teller, Richard Malkin, was a fraud. He told Eko that himself when Eko came to investigate Malkins’ daughter supposed miraculous resurrection.
    It always seemed to me that his purpose interacting with Claire was to eventually get her on 815. Which someone else could have paid him off to do.
    Also, as far as we know Claires’ mom is now raising Aaron not Kate.

  4. Oh, thats right! I forgot about that, Roland. And yes, it did occur to me that Malkin could have been paid to put Claire on the plane. And I was referencing that thus far Kate has raised Aaron, but yes my bad for not adding Claire’s mother in there. And Tas and BanLinus, I agree with you both. I would be beside myself should they have pulled stories right out of lituarture and I definatly feel like there is a connection (other then father and daughter) between Christian and Claire.

    Thank you guys for responding! I had to put it out there, just to see what you thought. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. Aaron is definitely going to be a huge part of season 6, but there’s just not enough information so far to really speculate about what’s going to happen.

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