Desmond time travels differently

I hope that this isn’t a useless thought, but I am confused as to the reason for having diffrent methods of time travel. The first time time travel was introduced was with Desmond. In the episode when Desmond was on the freighter and was time travelling, his body never physically left the freighter. In fact, Daniel Faraday explains to him in one time travel journey that it is the conscienceness, not the physcical body that travels. Given that, why did the island disappear when the Losties went back to 1977 along with them? Is it that the Island itself time travelled? Desmond could just time travel at will essentially, yet in the case of the Island, the donkey wheel had to be moved to enter another time period. Any thoughts on this?

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I am certainly going to miss LOST when it ends and have a feeling that I will be switching off between nail biting and crying throughout the entire final season. The possibility of them dying is just awful when you really love and enjoy the characters. I would love to see a LOST SPECIALl that airs AFTER the season finale that goes through many of the episodes pointing out clues and interesting tidbits that we may have missed the first go-round or even if we re-watched any. Even if most of the mysteries and questions are addressed in the finale, little things that LOST fans enjoy blogging about (paintings on walls, photos in scenes, clocks, someone in background that is significant, etc)would make for a great LOST SPECIAL. Anyway, this is a great forum.

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