Maybe Richard ages after all…

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I’ve been following the theories posted here, especially those pertaining to Richard Alpert. I don’t quite agree that this guy does not age. Rather, I believe that Richard ages normally like all the other people, and it is due to time travelling that he appears not to age. After all, when Charles Widmore ‘rescued’ Locke after he emerged in Tunisia when he exited the island, he told him that he hadn’t changed at all after around 50 years of not seeing him. And we actually do see a different Richard Alpert in one episode: when he talks to boy Ben about his mother and about maybe joining them. There, Richard looked very different.

Also, when Locke tells Richard “I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t age… it doesn’t mean it can’t happen”, Richard tells him “I’m this way because of Jacob”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t age! He just says that his appearance is that way because of Jacob. Maybe Jacob allows Richard to time-travel a lot… who knows?

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3 thoughts on “Maybe Richard ages after all…

  1. I agree and have thought of this, my only concern with the theory is that everytime Richard runs into someone from “the future” like Sawyer, Locke, Faraday, Jack, Kate, Sayid,,, he never recognizes them and really needs some convincing!

  2. good theory but dont you think its a little coincidental that he is always in the same timezone as the losties? it just seems to me that if he really was time travelling then his appearences would be sketchy and would only appear every now and then, but hes there almost every time.

  3. Yeah I don’t think that Richard “time jumps” all over the place, as best evidenced by SawyerGirl45’s comment about running into the same people in different times and not recognizing them.

    Also, there is a big difference between normal aging and not aging at all. Perhaps it is somewhere in-between, where Richard ages but at a much slower rate than normal. Maybe Richard was plagued with progeria when he came to the island and it “healed” him to become the reverse of that, someone who ages very slowly rather than very quickly.

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