Seems like there’s more to Richard than meets the eye…

I just thought of the following. I don’t know if anyone noticed this before.

First, let’s recall the scene where Locke tells Richard that he’ll find himself bleeding with a bullet in his foot. He told him to extract his bullet and tell him that he needs to die in order for everyone to return to the island. Richard goes and does as Locke told him to do…

…or does he? Richard actually did more than this.

If we recall the scene from the point of view of bleeding Locke time-flashing (first episode of Season 5), he sees Richard appear out of nowhere with a torch. After Richard removes the bullet from Locke’s leg, he gives him a compass and tells him to give it to himself the next time he sees him, and that Richard himself won’t know who he is when he does: “I’m not going to recognise you”. Then he tells Locke that he needs to bring everyone back, and that, in order to do this, John has to die (as the other Locke told him to tell him).

However, the compass thing was something that the other Locke didn’t tell him to do… yet Richard did it. Not only that, he somehow knew exactly where Locke was going to time-flash next. This makes me suspect that Richard knows more about the island than we think. Maybe he can somehow manipulate time, and maybe that’s the reason why he appears not to age?

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2 thoughts on “Seems like there’s more to Richard than meets the eye…

  1. i disagree. i think i remember flocke telling richard to give time travelling locke the compass. richard knew he wouldnt recognize him because it already happened to richard. it was in his past.

  2. Yes eko also before they set off and they are on the beach Locke asks Richard have you still got that compass I gave you and Richard says something like yeah it’s still points north well barely

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