Adam and Eve revisited

So there have been a lot of theories on who Adam and Eve are, and I thought of another set of folks… the original bodies of Jacob and his nemesis.

We’ve so far been shown a couple of things on the show:

  • Jacob or the Island can keep living creatures (i.e. humans) live youthfully forever.
  • Nemesis can take the form of dead (or possibly living as well) characters that come to the island.

Now no one said that Jacob or Nemesis had to be men, merely that they take the form of other humans, maybe even other animals (think of Kate’s black horse). Nemesis has pretty much been shown to be the fake Locke, so we know “he” can possess bodies. I think that Jacob can do so as well, which is why in Season 2 when Locke and Eko talk about what they saw, Locke described it as a beautiful white light, while Eko says “that is NOT what I saw.”

With all the craziness that has happened, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that the bones of once living bodies could be preserved on the island. And based on their general demeanors, I would suggest that Jacob is Eve, while Nemesis is Adam.


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One thought on “Adam and Eve revisited

  1. The losties find Adam & Eve in 2004, while Jacob is busy working on his tapestry until 2007.

    Plus we still have no idea what the shadowy figure in the cabin is the first time that Locke goes in.

    I think thats MIB

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