Jacob/Jack & Locke/MIB connections

Hi there.  This theory is about the similarities between these characters.  I have recently started reviewing LOST from the season premier all the way up to the last episode of season 5.  This theory may be half cocked and premature since i have only watched the first few episodes, but even this early on, it has seemed to verify some thoughts I had after watching season 5 last year.

In the season premier, Jack helps a lot of people.  He talks to Rose when she is lonely and he helps the us marshall, basically he helps everyone.  Locke also helps out.  He kills the boar, he finds vincent etc.

the difference between the two is that in the end, Jack doesn’t ask for anything in return.  As a matter of fact, he did not ask for anything in return until last season when he asked Kate to tell him what the deal was with Aaron.  It is the same with Jacob, he gives and he gives, and he doesn’t really ask anything of you until the very end, as illustrated by him asking one of the 316ers to help him.  And even though they are asking for something, it is really more of a “let your conscience be your guide” type thing, or as Jacob puts it, “you don’t have to, it’s your choice”.

Now on locke’s deal, it is a little different.  I feel like Locke and MIB have been connected from the very beginning when the plane crashed and Locke could walk.  The whole mood seems dark when you see a shot of Locke alone.  Again though, the difference is that Locke/MIB always asks for something in return.  He helped Michael impress Walt by finding Vincent— in the end, Michael had to blow-up the freighter, Locke was given a gift of walking, in the end he had to sacrifice his life.    I am sure that more will pop up as I watch and I plan to keep updating.  Let me know what you think or if I am completely wrong.  And do feel free to comment about any other give-take or give-no take moments for Locke & Jack.  Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Jacob/Jack & Locke/MIB connections

  1. I agree with you to a point…but I cant help to believe one of the main reasons Jack returns is to find out more about why his father is haunting him.

    On a higher level..he goes back because he wants something else…he just doesnt know what…until the talk about the bomb exploding.
    When Jack learns he can possibly rewind and fix things, that is his main odesire.

    Locke on the other hand, the real Locke wanted to everyone to stay on the island. I think in a way he did want information, but hell, everyone in his life tells him hes going to be special, he becomes paralyzed at the hands of his father. Then mysteriously healed after surviving a plane crash, only to be told he has a destiny there…who the hell wouldnt want something.

    Lol, sorry, I feel Lockes character doesnt get the credit it deserves sometimes in the whats “fair” to people category.

    I do agree about Jack saving people, and feel it is one of the most important things to remember about his character.
    Good thoughts above, sorry I dont agree with everything.

    Let me know what you think about my rebuttal…I hope you understand my perspective.

  2. Jack and Locke are both stubborn as hell. Perhaps the same can be said about Jacob and MIB.

    Both Jack and Jacob seem to be endlessly trying to fix things, while Locke and MIB just seem to want to go with the flow, walk that path that destiny has chosen for them.

  3. I also think that Jack and Locke are “mirrors” of Jacob an MIB. Definatelty from the writer’s point of view (in Movie scripts you often repeat a similar scene or character -> e.g. gollum talking to himself in 2nd part and then again in 3rd part) … but i think it can be also an essential point to the story… maybe we find Jack’s dead body somewhere, and find out the Jacob “possessed” Jack, like MIB did with Locke … same rights for everybody… right??

  4. A.E.S. I agree with what you are saying… ish. you kind of seem to be expounding on my thoughts before I get a chance… which is cool. 🙂

    As I keep watching LOST to catch up, you seem to notice more. Once again, I have seen Locke play mind games with people to get them what he wants/ what they want while Jack asks for nothing in return. Locke kind of plays with Charlies mind a little to get him to kick heroin, while JAck just offers kind words and actual help.

    Though I am seeing some of these connections, I still think that in the end, there is a time loop and Jacob and MIB are the ones who experience it. (very Groundhog’s day like) 🙂

    Anyways, Please feel free to offer more of your thoughts.

    PS: Scarab, I think that the relationship of JAck and Locke is a literary device as well. Kind of paralleling them to jacob and MIB. I do not think that Jack is Jacob at all though.

  5. I think one of the most important mirrors of Jacob/Nemesis with Jack/Locke is their connection to the island.

    Jacob has left the island many times, it is not known whether Nemesis has done so or not but probable that he does not, since he is not so keen on people coming to the island.

    Seasons 1-4, all Jack wants to do is get off of the island. Locke wants to stay.

    It feels like Jacob/Jack feel similarly about other people and their interaction with the island while Nemesis/Locke feel similarly about keeping the island hidden and special.

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