Richard and locke are the same?

im a long time reader and dont post anything, maybe the odd comment, but i thought this up, what if lock and richard both share the same traits, such as never aging(cant be sure of), this might seem far fetched but keep reading, i cant remember exactly but didnt richard say his power was jacobs doing, then what if lockes is the same only done by MIB, Nemesis, Anti-Jacob, whoever you want to call him, im not saying locke is MIB etc, but is his same self but now serves MIB, and protects him, while richard was always there to protect Jacob, but never let anyone see jacob unless he was 100% sure they werent MIB, Locke couldnt kill his own father and it was richard who helped him out, so he was pretty sure locke wasnt going to kill Jacob, but that was the loophole, he found a way to trick jacobs protector. im happy to recieve criticism, i just thought we needed a breath of fresh air from all the alt-timelines theories.

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One thought on “Richard and locke are the same?

  1. Maybe the loophole was Nemesis making for himself a #2 man in Locke, as Richard is for Jacob.

    I’m hoping that my theory ends up being correct, which basically says that Locke kills Jacob as per Nemesis. It was Locke that convinced Ben to stab Jacob and from there Locke travels through time some more and ultimately ends up hanging himself/choked by Ben and knowing what he was doing, needing Ben to kill him and the Losties to come back, etc. Essentially, Locke (from Locke’s perspective) kills Jacob with Ben and THEN ends up dead and in the crate.

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