Travel on the Island

Have other people noticed the irony of Desmond crashing on the island in a boat, which looks just like the elizebeth. He now lives on a boat with his family. The only reason the writers would keep him in the show is if he was coming back to the island this season.
Why does Christian tell Gin and The captain of the plane to find locke. I believe that just like MIB is parraleled by Jacob, Christian parallels Richard.
Many people believe that there are alternate time lines, I thought about for a long time. How could there be alternate time lines if Daniel is killed by his mother, before she has him. Then she wouldn’t be able to raise him.
When Juliet hits the bomb we see a similar white light. The writers have forcasted time travel in the new season. It is clear that the bomb doesn’t explode. The incident happens after they finish constructing the swan. They cement the bomb and continue with construction as the people who got back on the island flash to a different time.

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I am a lost fan, I think that is all you need to know.

3 thoughts on “Travel on the Island

  1. The Elizabeth is the boat that Desmond crashed on, given to him by Libby (Elizabeth)

    The boat he lives on with Penny and Charlie is called ‘Our Mutual Friend’ based on the Charles Dickens book. The same book that Desmond refused to read until he needed it, same book that Penny slipped the letter into and ironically Ben calls Widmore and says I am looking at ‘Our Mutual Friend’ meaning the boat and Penny.

    When did Christian ever talk to Jin, that never happened.

  2. One of Penny & Desmonds best memories was that picture taken infront of the marina ‘scenery’ so I think it fits quite well that they would decide to live in a marina.

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