addition to BlackSmoke-Plasma Theory

Hi everyone, i was studying for my microbiology final and i believe i read something related to blacksmoke (BS) :)   and sorry for my English…

It says that “Plasma, fourth state of matter, is a state of matter in which a gas is excited by electromagnetic field to make a nuclei with assorted electrical charges and free electrons”. So I think, BS is neither solid,liquid nor gas. It could be a some kind of plasma thus it can hold or throw things or people. We don’t even know the limit of its power.

The flashes in-on the BS are caused by reactions of the free electrons while BS trying to read someones mind or when BS tries to understand what is going on. It can be controlled or directed by a device which is invented by Dharma Initiative or maybe by Egyptians (or by oldest occupants).

We all believe that BS can read and record minds. So it must have its own memory. The sound that BS make while it drag people, is the sound of machine which digs to the energy pocket (in the final episode). While it moves around people it makes the sound of the machine that Locke used in his office (i dont know the name of this machine:) And when there is an emergency or something wrong  it makes an alarm sound, it could record it from the Dharma’s alarm.

I dont believe man-in-black is not hte BS itself but there must be a strong relation or maybe he has the main control of BS. I hope that we won’t get a clear answer how the BS work. We will just learn the reasons for BS’s doings..

Thanks for reading, and i just hope you could help me to fill the blanks of this theory or if you agains it please let me know the reasons..

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4 thoughts on “addition to BlackSmoke-Plasma Theory

  1. I think this theory is BS! Just kiddin, sorry I couldn’t resist it. I actually like the Smokie being Plasma theory but I’m sure I’ve heard it here before…

  2. yeah, i totally agree.. i am just more curious about how the writers will answer for the existance of BS rather than the show:).. maybe i am just a “man of science” or desperate…anyway thanx for the comments..

  3. I posted a similar theory a few months ago. It’s called “42 to the Smoke Monster” and you can check it out if you like. In the course of the comments I found out that there are doctors doing experiments with cool plasma for use in dentistry.

    I like your ideas about who or what may be controlling the Smoke Monster nad the source of some of its sounds. Nice job.

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