“If I Were a Betting Man…” – Pre-S6 Theory Roundup

I had a thought that it would be a great idea to have one single thread where everyone “placed their bets” on what happens next. After mulling over the options of different theories, throwing a bunch of stuff out there, where are you going to stack your chips? Doesn’t have to be your own theory – could be someone else’s. But maybe if we don’t get into discussing pros and cons – just a list of theories and people’s rationalisation of why they like their own choice.

To kick things off, I’m backing my own theory, most seen in the “Alt Timeline Started with Ajira Flight” thread. Basically, that the act of coming back to the island on Ajira that threw the Losties back to 77 caused a change in the timeline that created a Locke from a second timeline. Thus we are left with a splintered reality until it is merged. Thus no “Flocke”. This is how there can be 2 Lockes on the island. Other clues to this are found in the changes to Dharmaville, the numbers broadcast. Because time is special on the island, we have remants of both realities.  By being “the variable”, Juliette causes the incident that in turn causes the Losties to ALL become “special” like Desmond. Time reboots but like Desmond, due to the EM exposure, they have insight into the way things were / could be (eg Charlie’s multiple deaths).  Thus the first act of S6 will have them struggling through an extended version of “The Constant”, working out what’s going on and what their role in the upcoming war will be.

Who wants to call? Raise? All in?

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12 thoughts on ““If I Were a Betting Man…” – Pre-S6 Theory Roundup

  1. Nice thoughts! I’m putting down that Jacob and MIB are from different timelines and from the future, that the Shepards and Lockes are of a native/ancient bloodline, that not only will Vincent survive to the end but he’ll be the ONLY surviving adult LOSTie.

  2. i see and raise:) i think your theory is reasonable but i dont agree. I believe there is “FLocke” and it will be one of the main characters in the last season. Our losties will fight against it, or the IDEA that man-in-black mentioned.
    i believe the first episode of the last season will tell a small part of the story of BlackRock and Richard. Sawyer, Jack etc.. will move to 2007.. And there will be a surprise about something that we have no idea (maybe it will be about Magnus or Tovard Hanso)..

  3. All in on alt timeline, I like how you’ve explained it here yojimbo. Also think Claire is alive (differentbut alive) and that Jacks grandad was an other and is Locke’s dad. Not all in on the last two thoughts maybe just a raise. Cool idea 🙂

  4. Whatever Happened, Happened. I’m going to explain my reasons in a separate thread as I think it might be too long as a comment.

    I’m not against the idea of an alt timeline, (infact I think it’d be pretty interesting to see) but I think it will be Whatever Happened, Happened.

    Hurry up Season 6 🙂

  5. Trinity – Just so a summary of viewpoints are self-contained in this thread, what does your understanding of WHH entail on the “big questions” front for S6?

  6. Crazy Predictions
    1. Kate kills Sawyer
    2. Juliet kills Juliet again
    3. Walt gets to say goodbye to Michael.
    4. Jacob and MIB are from the two different time lines and therefore cannot kill each other
    5. Ben is from the other time line.
    6. The scene at the football stadium with Des and Jack is a conscience flash.

  7. BanLinus…

    1…Best bet…
    2…a bus, lol…
    3…good bet…
    4…this seems to make the most sense from what we know…
    5…what other timeline?
    6…conscience flash for who?

  8. Hey Yojimbo

    Ok, here’s the link to what I posted but to summarize:

    WHH – Jack and co. fail to destroy the island with the H-Bomb

    Richard thinks they all died (hence the “I saw them all die” statement to Sun)

    The Swan still gets built, the button still gets pushed etc. etc.

    Eloise realises you can’t change the past so she knows that when the O6 leave, she needs to get them back to the island for them to be in the 70s.

  9. I think that there will be desmond-like flashes to all 77-losties. They won’t appear in 2007 as a whole, but their mind will flash around in alternate times.

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