You have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here.

It’s pretty amazing what happened to this site during all those months. When we got out of Season 5, theories were going in all directions. And then the alternative timeline movement started mainly because of the authors humoristic suggestions that Oceanic Airlines had a ‘Perfect Safety Record’. At a certain point during the fall, people who were not believing in the alternative timeline had to start their theories by saying they were sorry for not believing in it. And then during the last weeks, people who do not believe in alternate realities have started talking more and more about it and we can now say that this site is more divided in 2 clear teams than it ever was – we could even say that ‘a war is coming’. If anybody was not convinced that the Lost authors were extremely intelligent, I’d say the division that they’ve created among us is certainly an extremely brilliant move, because the 2 theories that we represent (alternate timeline vs WHH) are also represented by characters in the show. To me it is clear that Jacob = progress = alternate timeline, and that MIB = It always ends the same = WHH. I have already said here that I supported the alternate reality theory as it would be SO MUCH FUNNIER. I mean, when I read about the WHH theories, I can’t help but think that this would be such a sad season 6. One criticism that I would like to make about these theories is that they’re essentially a review of the past events but they don’t propose anything that could happen in season 6.

Since you already know what I think, here are my predictions for next season :

1. Jacob will kill Richard Alpert in the past with a knife in the heart. Richard Alpert’s body will be brought to the temple.
2. A war will happen between people fighting for one of the 2 timelines to ‘win’ (occur).
3. The island is a place where privileged connections can be established between the 2 timelines.
4. Whispers and encounters of dead people are moments where the 2 timelines connect.
5. Mind and body can be separated and can travel independantly through time and timelines – whispers are minds with no body, John Locke’s dead body is a body with no mind (his mind somehow got into FLocke).
6. We will learn about what FLocke has gone through to be here.
7. MIB’s mind is not using John Locke’s body. John Locke’s mind is using MIB’s body in the past (but in John Locke’s future).
8. The smoke monster is a manifestation of the extreme tendancy of the universe to converge to the simplest solution. It thus has a role in the switch that occurs to one of the 2 timelines because these 2 timelines represent 2 equally simple solutions (bomb exploding, bomb not exploding). The losties (and every character in the show) have to work to make one timeline simpler than the other. Events AFTER the bomb exploded are equally good to make the timelines converge and they will send ‘possibility traces’ back to the past and favor the explosion/non-explosion of the bomb. Thus the future can influence the past. Every event between Juliet’s hitting the bomb and somewhere around 2009 when the two timelines converge can play a role in making its timeline the simplest solution.
9. People that we’ve already seen on the show are on the Black Rock.
10. Desmond’s entering in the jewelry store and not leaving without first being convinced by Eloise was an occurence of progress. Thus Eloise is WHH, Jacob is progress, and Desmond’s choices can make everything switch from one timeline to the other.

Since we’ve all been waiting for this season to begin, and for most of us the waiting has been extremely painful, I guess that when we will sit in front of our TV on February 2nd, we can all say to ABC : ‘You have no idea, what I’ve gone through, to be here.’.

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19 thoughts on “You have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here.

  1. Very well written. I too have thought that one time line must win. When Eloise Hawking tells Desmond “You must push the button or everyone of US will die”, the US she refers to is an entire time line of people. And the ‘War’ is between the two time lines. Some of our losties will favor one time line over the other.
    Jack having to choose the time line where his father dies or the one where he is alive.
    etc. etc.

  2. first of all, i still dont believe in two timelines.
    i like the theory, very well written however i just believe this is not the answer. Lets say there are 2 timelines and there will be a war between-( or )-for them, the timeline which we have watched since season-1 must win.. Because the audience (us) dont have a connection or attachment to the other timeline. In stories, writers try to create a connection even between the antagonist and the audience.
    The other timeline is the one in which our losties have never been on the island, so it is the antagonistic event or idea of the story and generally the “bad character” losts the competition..
    If we get a big clue of the existance of 2 timelines in season6 initial episodes, lost of people would predict the end of the war and show which is not wanted by the writers..
    I hope i am wrong:) because if your are right, the show will be much more exciting..

  3. Although I’m pretty sure about an alternate time line, I”m less sure that the war will be between the two time lines. Maybe the two will merge back into one somehow. Or maybe two time lines will continue to exist.
    I just believe the end of the world stuff has to come to a head. So one of the two time lines ending would explain that. Many believe the central question of fate vs. free will is also the two sides in a war.

  4. hehe, nice well-written theory! I really like the idea of the battle between two timelines.

    @ BanLinus: Nice example of Eloise saying “…or everyone of US will die”, US meaning the people from the timeline she’s part of.

    I mean, every ‘party’ or ‘side’ on the show saying they’re good and have good reasons for their cause. I always believed in a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ side on Lost, but I’m starting to think it’s just two sides, both claiming they’re good. Hence I like the two timelines theory, both timelines fighting for their survival.

    On the other side, I also believe the destiny of the Losties is to, well, do something ultimately heroic for the ‘good’ side, which is in conflict with the two equal sides.

  5. “To me it is clear that Jacob = progress = alternate timeline, and that MIB = It always ends the same = WHH.”

    I like that. But MIB is also the one who tries to find a loophole to stop Jacob. So it seems that both MIB and Jacob are meddling with faith…?

  6. @ilieintheshadowofthestatue

    Well it’s not because MIB tries to find a loophole that his goal is to make something change. The only thing he wants to change is Jacob’s attitude, who wants to make ‘progress’.

  7. Jj23, I think the whole objective regarding what the two sides are fighting over, leads us into the ‘bigger’ picture that has been set out for the viewers from the beginning of Lost. Fate vs. Free Will.

    The element of ‘change’ has been emphasized.

    I really enjoyed your theory. Well done!

  8. Here’s a thought… I know this was mentioned immediately after the showing of the Incident… what if the fish that Jacob caught, ate and offered to MIB was a sneaky reference to a Red Herring… what if the writer’s wanted us to believe that those two dorks on the beach had more to do with the final outcome then they really do? I know its a long shot… but hey, think about it… Most sites like this have spent the last 7 months going back a fourth about the introduction of those two characters and what roles they will play in the upcoming Season, and yet we spent 5 Season’s investing all our time on the main characters and their conflicts.

    Grasping for straws at this moment…

  9. I do believe that jacob and MIB are not that much important. Look at how Jacob accepted to die without opposition. I don’t think they’re that much important, that’s why I said John Locke’s mind is controling MIB, and not vice versa

    @dabs totally agree!

  10. How can two timelines exist simultaneously? I dont think that there are two timelines that are warring against each other. Locke is dead, he is a vessel being used by MIB to manipulate people into doing the deeds he can’t do himself.

    As far as knowing what all he went thru to be where he is….we have already seen most of it. Making John think he is special, setting him up to be the leader of the Others, and then telling him he needed to move the island and that he would have to die. MIB knew that they would bring his dead body back to the island most likely (he might have manipulated Hawking to make this happen) and he knew once he was back on the island as a corpse, he was free to use that body at his own discretion. The only part of his scheming that we havent seen I think maybe what he has promised Hawking/Widmore to get them to do their part in his scheme. I think he used Widmore in order to create a situation in which the island needed to be moved in the first place.

  11. It has seemed funny to me that the decision to detonate a bomb in 1977 is going to tear the island into 2 simultaneous timelines. That was simply one choice made in one day. Choices are made EVERY day, even on this island. Just because it was emphasized to us that they’re trying to change the future by “blowing up a bomb”, it shouldn’t mean that this ONE “incident” actually accomplished that. I agree with Miles, and I suppose I’m on team WHH. 2007 is a representation and a result of everything that has happened before. This includes the bomb explosion. Nice try Jack, and fellow losties. That bomb didn’t explode. The island moved through time again and we’re about to find out when they are in just a couple weeks.

  12. I bet that entire episode was a red herring. Jack and co. didn’t prevent the plane from crashing, and “They’re coming” from Jacob, isn’t referring to the Losties.

  13. Hey Chief, have you ever read the many worlds theory? In it every decision we make IS a quantum event causing another world to exist with us making the opposite decision. Lost, I believe, isn’t going down that road which would be much harder to explain than one event causing time to split.
    I’m not sure if blowing up the bomb resets time and the plane lands at LAX but there has to be some consequence to Juliets action or what was the purpose of even showing it? Just to throw us off? I don’t think the writers would go thru that much trouble just to say it didn’t change anything.

  14. Roland – You get exactly what I’m saying. I didn’t know there was a term for it (many worlds theory).

    I suppose my biggest problem is understanding how ONLY TWO timelines are in effect, parallel, or simulaneously joined (what the hell am I talking about) because of a single decision. Again, decisions are made hundreds of times a day.

    It’s too cheesy for one person, Jack in this case, to say “let’s change the future! I elect NOT to let this hatch be built!”, and for that to actually change the future. It’s impossible. If this is the way the show goes, I’ll be a bit disappointed. God, I’ve been a real negative ass lately. I apologize.

    Roland – about your question though, I see your point. What IS the significance of what Juliet did? Well, no idea. Maybe she blew up the hatch, and everyone along with it. But someone else came along a year later and built a new hatch anyway, and therefore everyone dies, for good. That’s about the only thing that would suck worse than alternate timelines

  15. It is confusing as hell. I think we have all been chasing our tails for weeks around here. I go back and forth in my mind on whether or not there is some alt time or WHH rules.
    Thankfully we only have less than two weeks til we start getting some answers. Then again, maybe not!

  16. @Roland

    The difference here is that we have been introduced in Lost to a property of the universe that does not exist in the many worlds theory : course correcting. So basically there is a certain capacity for the universe to avoid splitting every single second. Charlie’s death is the best example of that. Ok you can fool death for 1 day, 2 days, but eventually it will happen. So to make the timelines split, you have to make a HUGE move. changing a little bit here and there will not split the timelines because the universe has a funny way of course correcting.

    Faraday’s thought about that at the end of Season 5 was that he needed to do something in Timeline 1 that was SO major that it couldn’t be course-corrected. Blowing a hydrogen bomb on a site where you’re supposed to build a hatch is the best thing he thought. This is so major that it could take 40 years for the universe to course-correct itself down to 1 reality. During these 40 years, 2 timelines have emerged.

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