Alternate Timeline begins?

Ok a lot of people seem to believe theres going to be an Alt. Timeline(s). First of all I understood nothing about it and thought it was a ridiculous idea but, that aside, if it happens then i need to know whats going on.

Due to reading  A LOT of theories on it, Im pretty sure I understand almost everything. However, there is one thing I’m still not clear on..

When does the Alt. Timeline begin?

Does it start at the swan site? If so is it because the bomb didnt originally go off and my exploding it they caused a change in the future therefore making a new timeline?

Or does it happen some other time.

Also, I’m slightly confused as to why people think Sun, Lapidus, Ben etc landed in an Alt. Timeline.. You say its because you hear numbers being broadcasted but they were disabled years and years ago, so something is up, right?

But how can that be an Alt. Timeline because if it was indeed started at the Swan Site, then that hasn’t occured yet. So surely it started somewhere else..?

If someone could share some light on this that would be great.

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6 thoughts on “Alternate Timeline begins?

  1. i’m not the best to give you the answers you’ree looking for but I’ll do my best to give you my opinion about that.
    When the white flash of light on Ajira flight took some losties back to 1977 then it made possible for them to change the past, even if we don’t know yet exacly how,yet.
    What happened in 1977 created the A.T. and therefore the picture with our losties in 1977 was on the wall,which for sure had never been there before.
    In the A.T. Desmond never arrived on the island, he probably won the boat contest becoming a rich man. Flight 815 landed safely in L.A. but some things did change because all their past lives were lived differently.
    When our losties are in 1977 don’t forget that there are still their “doubles living their lives out of the island.
    Remember Sawyer told Jack, I could have tried to prevent what happened to my parents, I could have taken the submarine and visit my mother to warn her about the con man,which he obviously didn’t.
    So if in 1977 they really did change something,the swan never needed to be built, the button not to be pushed and so many lives would be different.
    Just my point of view, of course

  2. i also asked this question but got no replies…

    i dont think jack and team going back to 1977 caused the alternative timeline.
    they were in 1977 in the original timeline.


    When jack and team appeared in 1977, dan told them to blow up the bomb.
    and because of the bomb, daniel told charlotte to leave the island and never come back (or something along thoes lines). she remembers that conversation is the original timeline.
    also because of jack, dan went to the others camp and got shot by his mother.

    If jack and team never came back in time then no one would blow up the bomb. sawyer and juliet are happy as it is and miles doesnt give a cr@p.

    jack and team going back to 1977 isnt where the alt timeline was created.

  3. I’ll try to explain, forgive my english and everything.
    Raonack, you are right…all the facts you have mentioned might have happened in the original timeline in 1977….
    Dan,by the way, warned Charlotte about the incident that was anyway going to happen due to the Swan Site drilling. They were evacuating the island because of that, not because of the bomb.
    Even Miles saw his mother and himself as a baby leaving the island on the submarine because of the incident and that was part of the original timeline as well,it was Miles’ past history.
    The variable is the bomb and Juliet.
    The ALT.T. began with Juliet hitting on the bomb and the sky turning white…I don’t know if the bomb went off or if they time travelled or what the hell happened down there …but the ALT.Reality began AFTER THAT.
    Maybe after all Dan was right.
    But we will soon find out…I can’t wait!!

  4. My problem with alternate timelines is that… What was so special about it that made it not happen in the original timeline?

    Wouldn’t juliet have hit the bomb in the original timeline anyway?

    because for an alternate timeline to form, something needs to happen that originally didnt happen.

    As miles said, what happens if what they’re doing actually causes the incident.

  5. I don’t know what will happen in Season 6, but I don’t think the bomb went off. I’ve been jumping around and watching past seasons and in the Swan (hatch) where the magnetism is the greatest both above and beneath the flooring where the failsafe key is, there’s metal beams sticking out at angles from the concrete…but covered in concrete, which is very reminiscent of the debris which got sucked down that shaft. If even a small nuke went off, all that crap that fell down the shaft with Juliet would be VAPORIZED. So what is the Failsafe that Desmond activates…it has to be the bomb doesn’t it?…which ends up “negating” the energy, but in 2004, not 1977. If the failsafe is the bomb and it never detonated in ’77, then how did it get there from where the Others had buried it in the tunnels in ’54? It would seem that the Losties put it there as we saw in Season 5. This is why I’ve been more just a reader on this site…as soon as I start trying to sort this all out, my brain hurts.

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