thought on Jacob/MiB’s identity

I’m on my first rewatch so am slowly picking up things and sorry if this has been raised before or isn’t possible but it just struck me – could Jacob & MiB be the same person? Do we only see MiB with Jacob and could he therefore be a facet of his personality, still yin/yang, good/evil but almost like two personalities both striving to be dominant? Any thoughts on this? This would make sense to me why he needs a loophole?

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7 thoughts on “thought on Jacob/MiB’s identity

  1. Yeah… thats an intresting idea. both the same people, but both diffrent parts of his personality.

    It could ‘sorta’ explain why they cant kill each other.

  2. I’ve been thinking along this same line as well. It’s sort of like the Star Trek episode where Kirkland is split in two by the transporter. So the question is can they survive without each other?

  3. Interesting thought but….

    I think Jacobland and MIBland are separate identities. MIBland wanted Jacobland dead when he was flockeland. As he, Benland, Richardland, and everyone else were travelling to the statue, Jacobland was no where around, yet MIBland still existed.

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