Theory on Smoke Monster inner workings…

Most of us have had thoughts and guessed a lot, but I’ve found absolute proof of the black smoke monsters judging abilities. And that there is a white smoke monster. A ying and yang sort of thing.

Episode 3×15 – Left Behind – Kate wakes up next to Juliet. They start arguing. Monster appears, and starts tearing down trees. Approaches Juliet and starts taking snapshots of her similar to how we’ve seen in the past with Mr. Ecko. But these are different, and it’s a very subtle but very real difference. These snapshots were bright flashes, similar in the way when it showed Claire with her mom on the beach during the hallucination for that catholic stuff. Now i’m not saying it’s necessarily related to that scene in particular, but it does give real insight and maybe a slip on the director’s part, that this is how the director portrays holy images in the show. But these flashes were similar in color, and as soon as the smoke monster viewed juliet, he fled very quickly.

Now for the kicker of my theory and I’m willing to bet everything on this. The smoke monster and the white smoke monster (or happy fun cloud?), is Jacob and Man in Black. The Ying & Yang.
Good and Evil, Virtue and Vice. But i believe I know what the checking up on people is. The Flashy snapshots.

Only one thing makes sense, and I have some evidence to prove it.

Every time loop that happens, They have the ability, both white and black or Jacob and Man in Black will check on them, seeing their past events for the last loop. To know how to manipulate them during their lives before coming again onto Flight 815 and coming to the island.

Now another piece of evidence that will end up making sense for this theory is as follows:

1.) One thing didn’t make sense when we all thought the smoke monster killed Mr. Ecko. I think we can all agree that he’s not a murderer at heart and that he only did the best with the life that “God has given him” as he so eloquently put it. We all thought that he was going to let Mr. Ecko live, but then he violently killed him. That didn’t really make sense but putting this theory in play with evidence brought into light, it makes perfect sense. The Man in Black, a.k.a. Smoke Monster, thought after seeing his violent past via the “Life” viewer, could be used and manipulated for his evil designs and purposes, but once realized after talking to Mr. Ecko that he was a good person killed him. Maybe he had bet way to much on Mr Ecko and killed him because he was angry that he actually wasn’t a bad person.

2.) The Man in Black can only sense Evil and only appears as the black smoke monster when evil thoughts are being harbored. There are many instances of this. When Nikki and Pablo were thinking of killing each other fighting over the diamonds. You could hear the monster cricket like sounds. But as you watch the show, any time someone is harboring evil thoughts such as killing someone it appears.

3.) Another subtle fact about the above mention episodes. Juliet has never seen the evil smoke monster or knew it existed. Kate did. Kate has had several evil thoughts many times. Latest example i can think of when she was tied to Juliet by handcuffs, she was fighting and then started to want to kill her and dislocated her arm, then it appears when thoughts of murder surface.

4.) Also another thing. First episode of the series. That night when the dust settles after the crash, A monster appears making all of the trees move. Could this be some kind of victory dance or excitement for evil as people he can finally manipulate are on the island?

This whole series is about Jacob and Man in Black and their epic struggle who know no bounds of time or space and manipulate everything. The real question is who is Jacob and the Man in Black?

Aside from this theory, my belief is they are from the spaceship that the island is covering up, and we’ll find out all about it in season 6 lol.

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3 thoughts on “Theory on Smoke Monster inner workings…

  1. A well thought out theory and nicely presented. I have a few questions however. First, after Smokey hit the sonic fence and was repelled, didn’t Juliet inform Kate that she and the rest of the Others didn’t know what the monster was but they did know that it didn’t like the fence? Secondly, what evil thoughts did Nadine have?

  2. In my opinion there’s only one black smoke monster and it is one and the same with MIB.Smokey is a way for MIb to scan people’s minds and verify whether they’re good material for his plan to work or not, if they are possible to be manipulated enough to help him achieve his purpose…find a loophole to kill Jacob.
    Eko, for example, was not the kind smokey needed cause he had strong believes and had reached a level of awareness and self confidence, he had no more issues with his past to feel guilty for.
    Ben as we know was perfect for smokey’s plan to work, it was a piece of cake to convince him by pulling the strings of his guilt for Alex’s death.

  3. One problem I have with this theory is that Ben was able to summon the smoke monster. If Jacob and MIB are supposed to be the higher beings of the island, why does he have to be summoned? Why can’t he just go about his business?

    Also, i’m not sure about Ecko. Although he became very spiritual and confident, i believe he still could’ve been manipulated. Manifistations of the dead have been used throughout the series in order to get people to do things. Even Ben, who has always been seen/viewed as a confident leader was easily manipulated into doing whatever Flocke said because his daughter’s aspiration told him to. Ecko’s main reason for his path in life is because he was trying to help his brother and I’m sure that if Yemi (i think that’s his name) told Ecko to do something, he would.

    Interesting theory, just not convinced as of yet.

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