White smoke monster retraction

Hey guys I really did not mean to ruffle any feathers about a white smoke monster. I should have done more home work about the subject. Cheifof16 was right all locke said was he stared into the eye of the island. I was just spit balling and seeing what would stick. thats why i like this site the best because of the ” out there” theories and the open forum they produce. The last thing i wanted to do was to upset anyone.
But i would like to stick by my original Jacob is the smoke monster theorie…I do beleive in that 100% and in time we will have all the answers
Thank you

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3 thoughts on “White smoke monster retraction

  1. …not necessary, its all good hearted…they kid because they care…or something like that…lol

    Seriously…off the wall theories are sometimes the ones that can turn into something on a site like this with Lost…

    That one has just been done before is all…

    Stay with your theory, but keep digging up new ones…you never know…

  2. Whoa bunkum, there is no reason to apologize whatsoever. I kid a lot, with a very dry sense of humor, and since I’m rather dense, I expect people I’ve never met to understand that. I should apologize sorry if anything. Your post alone didn’t upset me. I’ve seen ideas of this white smokey on other sites, as well as a couple theories here, and it bothered me because there is no way to support it. It’s my own bad for letting something like that bother me. I meant no offense.
    So please, keep cranking out your ideas, don’t let some random guy with a chip on his shoulder keep you from doing otherwise.

  3. “I looked into the eye of the island” was not all that Locke said. In his conversation with Mr Eko (“The Cost of Living”), Locke says that he saw “a beautiful, white light” (describing his encounter with, supposedly, the Monster)..

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