A Quick Idea…..

For those that believe in an alternate timeline…..

There was speculation about exactly what MIB said on the beach —

Some say he said “I’m gonna find a loophole my friend.”
While others believe he says “We’re gonna find a loophole my friend.”
If it’s been confirmed that he says “I’m”, then don’t waste your time reading this, I apologize for not knowing everything in the world.

If he says “We’re”, then maybe he’s referring to his people, the people of the other timeline, like a parallel one. Therefore, MIB doesn’t take over bodies at all. Maybe he’s just another guy from the “other side” so to speak, that wants Jacob dead for reasons that might be legit, and explained later. Perhaps Jacob is the reason that there ARE two timelines, and the other side wants him dead because of it. So maybe there’s a connection of sorts. Maybe bringing the dead John Locke to the island allows the John Locke from the other timeline to cross over to Jacob’s timeline (the one we know), which is the loophole that this other team (or timeline) was looking for.

Essentially, that’s not MIB at all. Maybe that’s John Locke that brings Ben to kill Jacob. Just a different John that we don’t know yet. Basically, the other John.

When Jacob sees Locke enter his foot, LOL, he knows who he’s dealing with, perhaps the Locke from the alternate timeline. Now Jacob probably doesn’t know Locke’s dead already, since Ilana was on her way to tell him. Yet, he appeared to be expecting Locke and Ben nonetheless. So I don’t know about that part. (dammit)

This all just came to me, there was no research done. This might be debunked already, that’s fine, let me know, it took 10 minutes outta my day anyway to write this. Thanks.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

18 thoughts on “A Quick Idea…..

  1. That’s right chief. In fact it is one of the original three tenets that us alt timeliners brought up a few months back.
    1. Comicon videos
    2. Discrepencies in the island upon the arrival of 316.
    3. How can that person simply be John Locke.

  2. There’s something to this train of thought chief. Can’t put my finger on it but I think I know what your getting at. Anyway it’s half eleven on Friday night I’m drunk and watching family guy in bed. Night night.

  3. I am of the belief that if that is not MIB then it is probably a locke who is from the future and had some sort of alliance with MIB, hence the “we’re” gonna find a loophole. I have watched it over and over, and he definitely says we’re.

  4. Chiefof16, one the ‘key’ statements which you make that I believe to be true is, “maybe we are seeing just a different John Locke”.

    Really nice catch on that one! I credit losts-columbo and his recommendation of the movie “Primer”, which led me to the same conclusions regarding John.

  5. Good thinking here Chief…I like this for several reasons…

    I like how you think MIB says “we” as in people, instead of in “the monster”…outside the box.

    I like the idea of a different Locke. My only problem is that it would mean that it is Locke on the beach with Jacob from the beginning…

    Now I am not against that idea…not at all.

    It all makes sense when you throw in the word “reincarnation”.

    Now I think if this goes this direction, MIB has set up to ENSURE he is reincarneted through Locke via time travel…or at the very least science.

    With all the jumping and alt timeline possibilities, there is no reason to not believe that he has this ability…again, science and a thought of religious act being smashed together to create something insane.

    But due to alt timelines, we may have a Locke that is just plain Locke…who is dead at the moment as well.

    MIB thinks he found his loophole by incarnating Locke as himself..but in reality… this is part of Jacobs plan…

    He wants MIB to do this. He wants to sacrifice. It is necessary.

    He apologizes to John earlier in his life…I would assume John accepts now.

    MIB thinks he pulled a fast one. A way to change the equation, and gain the ability to ultimatly kill Jacob.

    In doing so, he changed something else…he changed the way it ends.

    I imagine from the conversation, Jacob knows how it ends…therefor, if he is dead for the ending…something must be different…progress possibly…

    His own death may be a chance, it may be crazy…it may be faith in mankind…close your mouth Im not done…

    Maybe instead of a resurrection, he is allowed to be heard by Hurley and is used to guide the Losties to their correct path…hence…WHY HE NEEDED TO DIE!!!

    NOT to be a proxy, or help mib, but to help the Losties now that they are in a different timeline (if that happens).

    …that just came to me or I would have put it in my theory…damn you for making me think…

    Seriously, great topic here, again, outside the box…I really do wish you posted this two days ago, because it all makes SO much sense now.

    Excellent idea…

  6. Im pretty sure on lostpedia it says ‘Im’ but when you watch him, his mouth makes a ‘We’re’ movement.. I really do not know what it actually is but in my opinion its We’re.

    I like this theory, it seems very plausible.. obviously some holes such as the one you mentioned but its the best one iv heard so far 🙂

    Also i just read your ‘about me’ section. If the island turns out to be a spaceship i may just end my life at that very moment. Care to join? haha

  7. Daddyx – Beer and Family Guy is a good combo any day of the week, kudos.

    Chuckfan – I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m saying there’s no magic reincarnation going on here at all. It’s the other team in this “war” that the guy on the beach, and this new Locke are on, and I’m sure there are many others. (If any part of my theory holds true)

    Dabs – I’m gonna have to look into that theory you refer to. Not much time left before the premiere is there? AHHH!!!

    A.E.S. – Looks like you’re already trying to expand on this, which is great because I haven’t had the time yet, and I don’t know where I’d go with it anyway. The fact that this is all part of Jacob’s master plan is VERY likely. After ALL these years he’s spent doing his thing on/off the island, he looks almost at piece when the two enter to stab him. As if there are no worries, and he’s been expecting it all along. A sacrafice is a true possibility.

    This “theory” is straight up silly in many ways, and there might be plenty of holes. It’s of the idea that everyone we have seen to this point is actually themselves, themselves from the other timeline. There is no reincarnation or shapeshifting. The MIB we know is only that one individual that talks to Jacob during that time period. He’s not magical or powerful, he just wants him dead along with everyone else from that alternate timeline.

    We’re all so caught up in thinking that Flocke is MIB, that we forgot to mention that it could just be Locke himself. The Locke from the other timeline.

    The part that sucks and sort of throws this whole idea away is Locke says about finding the loophole, “I did, and you have no idea what I’ve gone through to be here.” He says “I’ve gone through”. Implying that it’s the same guy we saw on the beach.

    %$#&!!!…..whatever, I have to get to work.

    but A.E.S., you seem to be going somewhere with this. I’m extremely anxious to see you (or anyone else) expand if you’re able.

  8. SawyerGirl – Yeah, I realized there’s some minor holes after doing some more digging into it. It doesn’t mean it’s completely false though.

    It’s still hard for me to believe that some guy, or being has the power to look at, eat, or become a dead body and magically start walking around as this person. Iknow, I know…it’s LOST, crazier things have happened.

    Speaking of crazy, if the island’s a spaceship SawyerGirl – Now you, A.E.S. and I are all on board to blow our faces off with a shotgun. Welcome to the team….. Team “It better not be a frickin spaceship.”

  9. ….and I do apologize, this theory wasn’t written very well. It’s kind of all over the place, and doesn’t explain much. I was on my way out the door when this came to me, so I threw it all together rather quickly.

  10. Oooo no no i wasnt saying its false, i actually like this theory.. I just meant it has holes like other theories because we dont have a bloody clue whats going on haha.
    If it plays out like you say then i will be a happy bird.

    Shotgun? I like it! It really sends out a message 😉

  11. I was just referring to the fact that the more I looked into it, the more I realized that the idea isn’t really possible, that’s all. I know you weren’t bashing or anything.

    LOL. And yes, a message!….if the writers don’t want blood (and brains) on their hands, they better end this story with class!

  12. Hi Chiefof16, it was only part of a discussion that took place. The movie, Primer is what opened up the idea that we might be seeing 2 John Lockes.

    No need to apologize for your post….you put together some very good thoughts here!

  13. Interesting ideas, I’d like to think Flocke was really Locke from another timeline.. though you make a good counterpoint to the theory, when Flocke meets Jacob under the statue..

    Jacob; I see you’ve found your loophole.
    Flocke: Indeed I (not we) did. And you have no idea what I’ve (not we’ve) gone through to be here.

  14. Exactly, so you can see my problem with this. There might still be something here though. Like I said in a comment. Do we really believe it’s possible that someone can physically BE someone else? MIB being Locke?

    I’ve believed Flocke was MIB since “The Incident”, but now it’s seeming kind of far-fetched, even for LOST.

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