A quick idea….

For those that believe in an alternate timeline…..

There was speculation about exactly what MIB said on the beach —

Some say he said “I’m gonna find a loophole my friend.”
While others believe he says “We’re gonna find a loophole my friend.”
If it’s been confirmed that he says “I’m”, then don’t waste your time reading this, I apologize for not knowing everything in the world.

If he says “We’re”, then maybe he’s referring to his people, the people of the other timeline, like a parallel one. Therefore, MIB doesn’t take over bodies at all. Maybe he’s just another guy from the “other side” so to speak, that wants Jacob dead for reasons that might be legit, and explained later. Perhaps Jacob is the reason that there ARE two timelines, and the other side wants him dead because of it. So maybe there’s a connection of sorts. Maybe bringing the dead John Locke to the island allows the John Locke from the other timeline to cross over to Jacob’s timeline (the one we know), which is the loophole that this other team (or timeline) was looking for.

Essentially, that’s not MIB at all. Maybe that’s John Locke that brings Ben to kill Jacob. Just a different John that we don’t know yet. Basically, the other John.

When Jacob sees Locke enter his foot, LOL, he knows who he’s dealing with, perhaps the Locke from the alternate timeline. Now Jacob probably doesn’t know Locke’s dead already, since Ilana was on her way to tell him. Yet, he appeared to be expecting Locke and Ben nonetheless. So I don’t know about that part. (dammit)

This all just came to me, there was no research done. This might be debunked already, that’s fine, let me know, it took 10 minutes outta my day anyway to write this. Thanks.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

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