“Nice to see you out of those chains”

If you have not seen the season 6 premiere, don’t read on.

Okay, so is that line that Man in Black says to Richard proof that Richard is a slave from the Black Rock?

If so, why does Man in Black say that when we clearly see Richard in many time zones after the Black Rock arrives (i.e. 1950ish, 1974 etc.) without chains on. Man in Black/Smokey must have seen Richard from 1950-2007, no?

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15 thoughts on ““Nice to see you out of those chains”

  1. People question whether Richards ability to seemingly not age was a gift or punishment…
    Maybe it started out a gift, and turned into a punishment?

    Can you imagine being immortal, living forever chained up on an island in the middle of nowhere?

    …or maybe he is from Black Rock…Great episode tonight!!!

  2. If you haven’t seen the episode, don’t read this either…..

    I’d say the Black Rock is looking like more of a possibilty more than anything now. About the other question…. MIB probably had to hide his identity throughout all those years, and was just itching to be able to finally say that to him.

    Looks like Jacob was keeping MIB from hurting Richard all that time. Once he died, MIB was able to put a hurtin on Richard, as Richard looked a little scared.

    Can’t wait to see what else there is in their past. Sounds like Jacob, MIB, and Richard go back quite a ways.

    Honestly, I thought everything played out rather conservatively. There were great moments, but no SERIOUS curveballs. And dammit, I’m fine with that! It’s the last season, and I think I see the path this show is going, which is a great sign.

    Is Widmore after the Fountain of youth maybe? I mean, it only MIRACULOUSLY HEALS EVERYONE!!! Something anyone with that much money would venture towards……

  3. Those are a lot of great points! I agree that there weren’t any serious curveballs, except I was confused to see Desmond on the 815 plane. It was nice to see the ashes fully explained.

  4. Oh how could I forget! By the look on his face, I wanted to say MIB’s home was Hell… but in all seriousness, I think his “home” could be something on or off the island.

  5. MIB’s probably referring to a timeframe. Only reason I say that is because I can’t see the writers making a specific planet or “hell” an answer to that question.

  6. I actually agree with AES and that was the first thing that came to mind when he said that, but I suspect the only reason he knocked Richard Alpert out was to take him to the temple, which I think is home (don’t the tunnels run underneath the temple?) I think he couldn’t go back there while Jacob was alive (see how the people freaked out when Hurley alerts them to the fact that Jacob is dead). I think the temple is the only place where his soul/essence can rest ( kind of like vampire needing their native soil in the cofin when they sleep).
    Some other notable quotes from tonight’s episode:
    Charlie (after being revived): I am alive?
    Jack nods or says yes
    Charlie (sarcastically) Terrific
    Then upon exiting the bathroom to Jack:
    You shouldn’t have done that. I was suspose to die.

    Jack to Locke (after flight 815 lands safely at LAX): Nothing is irreversible.

    So maybe this is ALT but with the branch theory (ala Dejavu)

  7. It seemed to start looking like they are all gonna get stuck with each other again… Maybe another plane ride

    lockes missing knife
    jacks missing coffin
    sun and Jin in some kind of trouble
    and where the he’ll did Desmond dissapear to?

    Why was the island underwater?

    What worked?

    And finally is sayid being brought back as Jacob?

  8. “Home” as stated by Flocke, is most likely somewhere he should not be…otherwise why the fuss?

    The simple answer is off island, a certain timeline, etc…
    The long answer is…something more.

    During the end of the pre show, they used the term “human spirit” as opposition of fate.
    The long answer would be most likely heaven…or a metaphor for it, maybe life off of the island…

    Somewhere he should not be regardless…

  9. Cheif makes a couple good points. One is there seems to be a little more evidence that Richard was on the Black Rock. I mean the whole model in the bottle he was constructing and now this comment made by Flocke. The other being that Jacob was protecting him from Flocke. You notice that Richard sees the Fireworks wich I assume means ‘we are not protected’ and then he looks up to see Flocke and looks stunned, but very aware that he is in trouble.

    I have two questions here.

    1. Why did Richard stop them from shooting Flocke? was it cos he new he would go all smokey on them

    2. What did Flocke mean when he yelled ” I am very disappointed in all of you”

  10. Maybe MIB was the chained one – after all, he wants to ‘go home’ and Jacob seemed to be interfering with that.

    I’d like to know where his ‘home’ is, too. He’d certainly bring down the neighborhood and cause home values to plummet.

    (Also – maybe he means be called home? e.g. Die like Jacob did – but I don’t think he did – I think he may be Sayid … OR perhaps Aaron, since some have said that in the past.)

    Good question – why can Ben stab Jacob and he burns up like dried paper, but bullets bounce of Flock?

    And, does any old ash work to keep Smokie away? (Or did Jacob make an ash of himself on purpose?)

  11. waycurious-
    I think I might actually have an idea about the ash… it might be ash from the island’s volcano. Because when the people at the temple sounded off the alarm, they started pouring very dark ash around the entrances.
    Hurley says, “I guess, we’re not going anywhere.”
    The temple guy w/glasses says, “It’s not to keep you in, it’s to keep him out.” It couldn’t have been Jacob’s ashes.

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