What’s up with Des?

Any thoughts on Desmond from the premiere? How did he come to be on the plane? Why was he in Australia? Where did he dissapear to?

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15 thoughts on “What’s up with Des?

  1. That is a very good question. I was startled when he was there. I don’t understand it since he didn’t really “do” anything on the plane. Just introduce himself (again) to Jack.

  2. yea I guess in this timeline he obviously never went to the island. He either never went on that solo race around the world or he did and finished it without any problems.

  3. This isnt just a different timeperiod since the plane didnt crash. Its a different timeperiod since the island was sunk to the bottom of the ocean…most likely in 1977…

    What happened is COMPLETELY different…Des may not even know Penny at this point…or they could have 10 kids…its impossible to say other than everything is different.

    …Or he is capable of “jumping” in and out of different timeperiods as his conscience was able to do.
    The latter fits better with most of what I have said…I just dont know how this could occur.

    He seems to harness and understand more about his ability everytime something happens.

    Good question…and a tough call.

  4. Having the island fall apart or be flooded back in the 70’s I guess would change everything for the Losties. Yeah, I guess maybe Desmond wouldn’t be on his ship race cause Widmore didn’t purposely try to get him to enter it. ( I think thats what happened, and I think he was resposible for getting the boat somehow too, we’ll see) so maybe its possible for him to have been on the plane. And if the island wasn’t around then there wouldnt have been a recording of the numbers, and then Hurley wouldn’t think they are cursed……but then how would he have won the lottery without those numbers? By another big lightning bolt of luck? Maybe? Not so sure where they are going with that, and I’m really not so sure why it’s important either.

  5. Ok so they changed everything completely…theyre lifes bc of the bomb in the 70’s….then why are they all on the same flight again with the same clothes on mostly the same backgrounds except hurleys luckiest guy alive speech…..nothing changed

  6. I disagree w/Hurley. He may not have been to the hatch – but he said the numbers were cursed ‘cuz his gpa died, the house burned down … unless he played different numbers.

    As for Des – I wondered if even Widmore was kicked off the island … in fact, if the island was sunk – he, Ben, etc. would all be dead and drowned and there would be no Penny!

  7. I think Desmond was time traveling. I think he knows Jack just llike he knew Charlie playing the guitar on the street in a time travel episode from a past season. JAck seemed to be getting senses and even asked Desmond if he knew him. It was reminiscent of when they meant jogging at the stadium.

  8. I figured Desmond’s utter dissappearance was related to Charlie not dying on the plane like he was supposed to. How Charlie knew he was supposed to die, we dont know right now. But once Jack “saved Charlie’s life” Desmond was gone. Jack all the sudden had something wrong with his neck too. It’s like Jack just interfered with the universe again… something

  9. On the plane Hurley said he was the luckiest guy in the world, and that nothing bad ever happened to him. Also Boone seemed to have a totally different attitude/ Why these changes when everything else on the plane seemed the same?

  10. I think it’s a good indication as to how connected they all really were before the crash. Maybe Hurleys change of luck, Boone’s waaaaay better off attitude, Shannons decision not to go with Boone etc etc were all because of things that happened because certain people and circumstances weren’t there this time. With no island, that could mean no Ben, no Whidmore, no Penny, no more Dharma (maybe) and maybe many more connections and ties between people that we just havent’ learned yet. Does that make any sense? What i mean is, maybe Shannon, and Hurley’s luck and Boone’s attitude were more connected to the island and people from/related to the island more then we knew. Maybe we’ll learn just how connected in the coming months???

    or maybe i’m way off.

  11. Bailey1227 – I think you’re on the right track. In an article today on, the D&C talk about how important the connections are between the Losties even in this other reality.


    “Since the very beginning of the show, characters started crossing through each other’s stories. Part of our desire [in season 6] is to show that there’s still this kind of weave, that these characters still would have impacted each other’s lives even without the event of crashing on the Island.”

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