The Island

Another thing that struck me as completely bizarre was the fact that in the alt timeline the island was under water. Ummmm what the hell is goin on there?

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11 thoughts on “The Island

  1. I assume that in the “fixed” timeline, the turbulence the Losties experienced in the plane was just regular turbulence (put in for viewer suspense).

    So when Juliet said “It worked” I guess the explosion somehow forced the island to sink? Sounds stupid I know.

  2. Chief, agreed… I thought it looked a bit cartoonish. Here we have this shocking moment and the first thing that came to my mind was Spongebob!!! lol! I was expecting to see a pineapple house!

  3. If the island sunk – did everyone die in 1977 ‘cept the losties?

    Think of what it meant if it sunk in ’77

    No Penny (Widmore drowned).
    No Dan. (Ellie drowned)
    Ben, etc. dead/manipulative
    No island for Rousseau.
    No MIB/Jacob? (drowned)?

    What else woulda’ changed – and how would they influence those on the plane?

    (Ex. Widmore’s dead = no boatrace/Penny = no reason for Des to do all that OR join military. Also, no relationship w/Palik Industries = Sun/Jin AND no sponsorship for REAL Henry Gale, who has no island on which to crash and die – among a zillion other things, like pregnancy sticks.)

  4. Oh – the crazy guy from whom Hurley heard the numbers wouldn’t be chanting them so Hurley won on DIFFERENT numbers so his g-pa didn’t die and house didn’t burn down and he became ‘the luckiest guy in the world’ (meaning those other really could be cursed!).

    WHH is officially dead, esp. for Hurley’s g-pa, who no longer is (well, actually he still IS is. To quote WJC: Just depends upon what your definition of is, is)

  5. Mile’s dad would have died so his mom may not have been so destructive in her relationship towards him since leaving the island saved their lives. Miles may not have gotten all those piercings or that ‘do’ – and his comments/outlook wouldn’t be as sharp (e.g. he’da been a bore).

  6. whh is not dead. you can just look at the on island stuff and say change is dead, and it would be a similarly stupid comment. and was that a bill clinton reference?

    out of left field but well done

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