The Trojan Horse

Is it possible that Sayid was used as a sort of trojan horse. The others surrounded the temple with ash, which leads us to believe that the Smoke Monster can’t get into the temple. The people in the temple seem as though they have tried to save people like Sayid before and should know what to expect so when they said Sayid was dead that must have been it as far as they were concerned. And since dead is dead and Sayid was pronounced dead it seems somewhat logical to believe that perhaps Sayid is now possesed by the Smoke Monster as well and now the Smoke Monster is inside the temple. Also when Jacob was alive they didn’t have to surround the temple with ash, now that he is dead they do, so that makes me think somehow Jacob being alive protected the temple. Also since the Smoke Monster seems to be headed to the temple that makes me believe the means for the Smoke Monster to get home is in the temple.

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  1. You might be right. And it seemed that perhaps the water had lost its healing power, right? The water was unclear and it didn’t seem to heal their leader’s hand when he tested it by cutting his hand.

  2. You have to remember he doesnt actually inhabit dead bodies. Locke’s body was still able to be retrieved by the Ajira group. Horace Goodspeed’s body was still in the ditch after smokey used him for a meeting with John to direct him to the cabin. ( Yes, I think thats what happened ) So, if Smokey was in Sayid, I dont think his body would just get up and start walking around.

    As far as the water goes, it had lost it’s healing power for sure, but maybe had just enough for one more miracle? Maybe that’s why it took so long, cause it was so weak from Jacob being dead. I also think thats a good way to say that the water won’t be a get out of jail free card if any of the Losties gets mortally injured from here on out.

    But my question is, if the water did work….will he be like how Alpert described Ben to be when he took the kid to the temple to be saved? One of the Others forever, totally devoted to the island?

  3. I thought that the water being discoloured could be due to Jacob’s death / his blood? Could that mean that Sayid is now part of / is Jacob. Jacob would have known that the spring would go like that after his death, so there must be a reason for him needing Sayid to go there. If Locke is smokie (didn’t put money on that), then Sayid can’t be because Ben has been with Locke the whole time.

  4. hmmm yes i considered both that sayid is jacob reincarnate and now inhabited by the smoke monster. I believe the jacob route is the more likely of the two…but maybe jack has weird healing powers that he doesn’t know about?

    when he healed sarah he thought he failed, and then she woke up ok. just another possibility.

  5. I read on another theory site that it would seem that “smokie” going home would be somehow detrimental to humanity. Otherwise why would he be trapped on the island.

  6. ekolocation- I like your thoughts about Jack healing Sarah when he thought he failed. I do think Jack is “special”. When he wants, I mean really wants to do domething and sets his mind to it, it happens. Remember when Ben says, “I want you to want to do the surgery.”?

  7. Yes, perhaps it is more likely that Sayid is now Jacob (rather than Nemesis).

    Or that Jack has some special powers. By the way, I hate how Kate always tries to interrupt Jack from saving peoples lives like that (because it has happened before, right?).

    Nevertheless it didn’t seem like the healing water worked as the Temple people were used to.

  8. Man, these are some excellent points. Jack REALLY wanted to help Boone though, and couldn’t. Not trying to be a devil’s advocate here, but Jack seemed to want to save Boone more than anything, he still died though.

  9. I love this one, this is exactly what i thought was happening while i watched it. I think that once Sayid starts talking, we’re going to see he is a very different man.

  10. I think, in a lame way, Jack serves the island unknowingly, the island still needed Ben around at the time, while Boone was a sacrifice that the island demanded. Same thing with Sayid (“We’re all going to be in bug trouble if we don’t save him, quote). I was watching Jimmy Kimmel (ugh) last night because Damon and Carlton were on and there were some very spoilerish moments that kind of pissed me off. But it did help me with my Sayid theory (that I am not going to post until after episode 3 or 4).

  11. jack is on his own when boone dies, sun was the one helping him treat boone….this gave me an idea on why jacob touched the losties off island….he was able to then use their ‘power’, after he touched kate, he could use her power to bring locke back to life….

  12. I agree that MIB is in Sayids body and I also believe that Jacob wanted this to happen (it is part of his wining plan) otherwise he would write in the paper that if Sayid dies get rid of his body!!!

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