The Neccessary/Unneccesary Alt Timeline?

Ok so when the first hour of lost had ended i was thinkin…Sweet….but then was like ok whats with the alt stuff? is it really going to be neccessary? Then after hearing over and over again about the new plot device this season i started thinking….yes it is going to be Neccesary.

What i believe this plot device is going to be and what it is going to be used for answering the question of what are the losties destinies? I believe we are being shown how important they actually are by showing what happens to them or the world …had they never gone to the island. Maybe there is some catastrophic event in the ALT timeline that the properties of the island if used correctly by the right people…can prevent…

But like i said…this Timeline is showing what happened to the losties ..had they not crashed…and why it was very important that they did crash on that island.

Or maybe it was the orginal timeline before their was interference by anyone…who knows

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15 thoughts on “The Neccessary/Unneccesary Alt Timeline?

  1. Well stated HenryGale and I am thinking along the same lines as you. It reminds me of the whole “It’s a Wonderful Life” idea. Only instead of how different the world is without George Bailey, this other reality on LOST shows us what the world would be like if the LOSTIES never crashed on the island to fulfill some purpose or destiny for the betterment of all…just like how the existence of George Bailey had a major impact on Bedford Falls and teh loves if its inhabitants, his wife, his brother living (George saved him from drowning as a boy), the pharmacist, etc. I’m excited to see how it plays out.

  2. I’m worried that this alternate timeline stuff is going to become a mess to MANY fans. I wouldn’t doubt it if quite a few fans are getting turned off by this already. It’s over people’s heads right now and that needs to change relatively soon if they want people to stay interested in this final chapter. I just hope this “flash-sideways” stuff starts going somewhere quickly.

    This has been a terrifically written show over the years and I’m sure they wont disappoint. But I personally am not in the mood to have to deal with multiple realities, more split timelines, and even MORE characters if it’s not going to bother explaining things at the same time.

    I realize it was only the first episode, but there’s really not many left when you look at the big picture. This season’s going to fly by.

  3. I noted their lives super sucked in for the LAXers (‘cept Hurley). Maybe they can choose their destiny’s – and it includes living their crappy/boring lives or living on a crazy island w/MIB.

    And, yeah, I was disappointed in last night’s episode. No ‘big’ opening and too much information – some almost plopped out (I chose to double ‘p’ than ‘o’ – and still have a Butthead chuckle.) I can’t imagine a new viewer following it in the slightest, even with the preceding commentary.

    Make it quick and make it worth the mental exercise to follow it.

  4. I thought the temple was really well done as a set peice, and the two new characters there seem engaging. The “healing water” was interesting, and so was MIB/smokie. Everything else in this episode needs to find ground soon though.

    The first 45 minutes was pretty much terrible in my eyes. I thought there was over-acting to the max (Sawyer and a few others), still poor CGI (wish they’d fix this), sappy moments that I wasn’t in the mood for. I didn’t wait 8 months to see Juliet waste a few minutes by NOT finishing an important sentence with Sawyer.

    I’m a critic, what can I say. It’s like being a fan of a team though. If they’re not playing well, you get kind of pissed and you express it.

  5. Exactly. I hate it when the writers do that. It’s like the guitar case. Hurley was asked what was in it by someone (forgot who). If this show was real, he would have responded with something like: “I don’t know. It’s some large, weird shaped wooden design cut out thing.” Or if he knew what it was, he’d say “It’s an ankh.”

    He wouldn’t just ignore a question like that. I made a post about this a while back. It’s like the writers are stroking their egos sometimes. They need to quit making it so obvious that they’re purposely keeping the audience in the dark. Time’s running out for them to keep doing that.

  6. WEll put. I think that they are showing what life is like had they never crashed because there is going to be some sort of occurance that all of the important losties will be involved in.

    WE will see exactly why they were chosen in the alt no crash time line

  7. Does anyone find it strange that if Jacob was the spirit of the island, why he resided in a staute that depicts a feminine deity that symbolizes fertility? Yet his tapestries where all about masculinity (Hourus, Anubus, Homer’s Odessy)?

  8. The main thing that disappointed me is that the episode wasn’t in HD in my HDTV. The visuals were slightly grainy and the audio had buffy blips and bumps (lack of professional words, sorry) here and there.

  9. i myself was wondering what the point of the alt time line was.

    Well my first thought was that it must be necessary otherwise we wouldnt be seeing it. i think that we wont discover its importance until the last few moments of the series.

    i reckon though at the moment, the alt time line is just showing that events would have happened the same way off the island as they did on it ie. Jacks dad goes missing, Charlie gets saved by Jack etc etc.

  10. I know hat you’re saying GK, but MIB sounds like a terrible person. The way he talks to people, kills people, ya know, bad stuff. If MIB is this bad, wouldn’t Jacob be a good/better guy?

    I know exactly what you’re saying though. There’s gotta be a huge twist coming up. It’s just that MIB seems truly evil as of right now..

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