Does Rose have cancer?

She seemed pretty chipper on the plane – but last we saw her in Australia she was her typical crabby self. Bernard seemed all smiles, too – not his usual sad-eyes singing, ‘I’ma’ gonna’ cry, ‘cuz my wife’s gonna’ die’ blues. (Really, they deserve each other – saves 2 other people. Maybe not Bernard. He’s a sweetie. Rose doesn’t appreciate him. How come she’s so nice in this timeline!?!)

Anyway … Cancer seems to be what people were ‘given’ to advance ‘the plan’ – so, could it be she never HAD cancer in new-reality?

If not, it kinda’ sucks to be you, esp. Rose, Locke – everyone’s life/future/destiny seems darker in the new reality – ‘cept Hugo.

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8 thoughts on “Does Rose have cancer?

  1. I would say yes, she has cancer. Locke is still paralyzed, Charlie’s still a drug addict, Kate’s still a fugitive. Whatever ills they had before the island, they continue to have in this ATL now that they never actually get to the island..

    though i thin its cool that perhaps Jack is going to fix Locke’s back..

  2. Actually, lots have changed.

    Hurley won using non-cursed numbers.

    Charlie’s hair.

    Des doesn’t love Penny.

    Oddly, Locke’s alive – didn’t Jacob touch him back to life? (and if so, why – so he could be used as MIB’s vessel of death later?)

  3. Don’t you just love the writers, for slipping in that speech that MIB gives about Locke and then puts a twist on the irony of what he is about to do. It is exactly what all of us, the viewers have been thinking (and posting on forums such as these).

  4. I also thought it was strange that Charlie is still “meant to die” in the new reality. If he’s not going to do it by drowning on the island, he’s going to commit suicide.

  5. i dont know about the desmond doesnt love penny thing

    but waycurious probably just meant hurley is the luckiest man alive now….so the number he played werent cursed in his head anymore

  6. It was a guess ‘cuz, as HenryG. said, Hurley’s the luckiest guy alive. That tells me neither the house burned down nor his g-pa died.

    It follows this way. Island sinks. No numbers transmission. No Leonard chanting them in the institution for Hurley to hear – so he played different numbers (for his destiny WAS to win, regardless of numbers played).

    Similarly, island sinks, inhabitants drown (maybe Jacob/MIB, too) including Ben & Widmore. No Widmore = no Penny to love (and certainly no Widmore Industries to have a boat race for Des to enter). Even if Pen b. before ’77 (and by the looks of her I’d guess that and then some) she wouldn’t have the $$$ and may not be around for Des to help/meet her w/that wine – AND, since the other brother Campbell had that pic w/Eloise … she’d be dead from the island sinking and Br.Campbell (who could be an island plant) wouldn’t be manipulating here, either. (Coincidence that Des meets Pen BECAUSE a guy w/links to Mrs. H. cans him?) There’s LOTS of ways this could pan out.

    And – let’s not forget Charlie’s haircut.

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