It seems Darlton didn’t want to dissapoint the whatever happened happened people as well as not dissapointing the change is real people. So they did both. As expected the opening episode had many unexpected twists as well as some expected ones.

Recap of the biggest things we learned:
There are two timelines at play, one in which nothing changed and one in which many things changed.
In the changed timeline…THE ISLAND IS UNDER WATER! (This was the biggest WTF moment of the episode for me).
MIB/Flocke is indeed posing as locke and is also the smoke monster. No more arguing on this point.
It seems as though it was gunpowder that keeps smokie at bay.
There is a fountain of healing in the temple. It becomes dirty supposedly due to Jacob’s death, and maybe has lost its power, maybe not.
Sayid came back to life…
We found out what was in Hurley’s guitar case.
Richard was “in chains” according to MIB smokie. Could this mean he was a slave on the black rock?
MIB smokies motivation is getting off the island…there must be a reason this has negative consequences because the others and Jacob seemed to be trying to stop him.
The other others(temple others) have their own leader, and this is where the flight attendant and the abducted kids are.

Ok…so some of my ideas/theories are sprinkled in with the recap. Some other ideas i have are as follows. The gunpowder stops smokie because gunpowder is explosive. When smokie goes over the gunpowder he sparks it causing a chain reaction within himself or gets badly injured.

juliet’s “it worked” was not referencing the creation of the alternate timeline. i’m not very confident on this but it was really vague and seems like one of the places the writers could be leading us on.

The island is under water in the alternate timeline entirely because of the bomb. The statue had already crumbled and dharma houses were already built on the island. The bomb sunk the island or caused the volcano to sink the island or something, ensuring the plane never crashes.

These are my initial reactions. Enjoy, discuss, disagree and have a great day.

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

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  1. ok i forgot a few things: Jack’s bleeding neck, desmond appearing and dissapearing and charlie saying he was supposed to die.

    no idea with these things but i have a feeling as im sure most of you do that Desmond knows a little more than everyone else. Hes a sneaky brotha

  2. Black Rock was involved in white slavery!?!
    (Couldn’t MIB be the chained one?)

    I missed the gun powder bit – when was that revealed? (Like your theory, btw.)

    Thinks Sayid IS FSayid (aka Jacob), explaining if he dies we’re in big trouble. If this is true, what’s Ben?

  3. actually i dont think they said it was gunpowder, my bad. its just what me and my friends were thinking when watching it…my bad.
    i guess MIB could be the chained one, but he seemed white as well…maybe indentured servants? criminals on their way to australia from england? who knows…

  4. I think they want Sayid alive for the same reason the other survivors need to remain alive. They all have a significant purpose in the future that the others know about. That list (from the ankh) explains it. All guesses of course, but I don’t think Jacob is Sayid.

    I think Sayid is going to be a little “eveil” now. Just as Ben lost his innocence after being healed, Sayid will too. He even mentions that consequences will arise (or something like that).

  5. They refer to the ash as ash so i would guess that it is ash. My question about that, did they bring the ash with, or does it come from somewhere on the island?

  6. Chiefof16-
    I think Sayid will be a super nice guy now, kind of the reverse of what happened to Ben (the water was clean and Ben turned evil, so maybe this brown water will turn Sayid good, maybe that was what the talk to Hurley about all the torturing and how when he dided whereever he was going was not going to be pleasant, foreshadowing or maybe it was foreshadowing him being the supreme island bad ass. I also have thought, as a lot of us have been theorizing, maybe the Others are all dead. Maybe they have to go to the temple to be “reborn” and reprogrammed so that they can fully appreciate Jacob’s agenda. Just when I was starting to think that Sayid was useless, they go and pull a fast one on me.

  7. DUDE!!! The biggest WOW moment was definitely the island being under water!!!

    I forgot about Jack’s neck bleeding. My main question though is how was so much changed from the original flight. (For Example, Shannon wasn’t there she stayed w/ the loser.) I think they are trying 2 show us how the butterfly effect works. Some how by the bomb not going off, she wasn’t on the plane. That doesn’t even make sense yet. How can the events prior to the flight also be changed… Everything Changes….

    I must admit I did enjoy the alt timeline. I especially LOVED the scene w/ Kate & Sawyer in the elevator.

    I also feel a lot of stuff was answered.

    We learned:

    1. How the temple heals.

    2. Who writes the list. (Jacob really does)

    3. What the ring of ash is for.

    4. Hurley REALLY does see dead people, and isn’t crazy.

    5. Focke is the man in black aka Smokey.

    6. We learned more about Richard. (I think he was on the island b4 the Black Rock now.)

  8. a) instead of gunpowder – i would say it was ash. ash is mentioned as surrounding the cabin.
    b) i would have to agree that sayid wouldn’t turn out more evil. that mug didn’t have an ounce of innocence left in his body.
    c) i think the spring was muddy because ben went into that place under his house and flushed the water. he thought that smokie would show up at his door but really it was really pooping in the pool.

  9. Nemesis could have meant that Richard was free from Jacob’s control. He said “it’s nice to see you out of those chains”, perhaps referring to the metaphorical hold Jacob had on Richard.. after all, he said it only after Jacob was dead.. of course, if he had said it before that, the gig woulda been up..

  10. Maybe when he meant he wanted to go home he wanted to go back to the temple. Maybe something happend between the french chick and her team and the plane crash.
    Or maybe heaven, I really have no idea.


  11. @ inquisitor

    i thought that as well. but it seems like “it’s nice to see you out of those chains” is what tipped Richard off that it was MIB. So perhaps the last time they were face to face Richard was literally in chains.

    if chain was a metaphor i’m not so sure Richard would have had that revelation.

  12. Sayid becomes a nice, friendly dude? What kind of consequence would that be?

    I’d believe Sayid is now Jacob before believing he’s a cleansed soul of some kind. Sayid was never evil anyway, he just did a lot of terrible things and he feels bad for it. I think he’s evil now. The people say there’s consequences.

    I mean, who really knows? I’m not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, but I can’t see how Sayid being a super friendly guy all the sudden would impact the show in an interesting manner at all.

  13. On the plane Hurley said he was the luckiest guy in the world, and that nothing bad ever happened to him. Also Boone seemed to have a totally different attitude/ Why these changes when everything else on the plane seemed the same? I also think it’s possible that the missing coffin was on the plane and somehow transported to the island during the turbulence, much like the Losties who transported from the Ajira flight except no white light due to no time travel.

  14. ian, do you think that Desmond was transported to the island together with the coffin and the knifes? But it doesn’t really seem to make sense since the island is under water…?

  15. right i was gonna bring up the submerged island point. beat me to it.

    in respect to Sayid, i think there is no way he is super nice. But I also doubt he will be evil. He might have some memory loss like Richard said Ben was gonna have and might be dedicated to the island (new motivation since he seemed to have none after failing to kill ben). But i think he’ll be the same personality.

    unless he is being inhabited by someone else of course

  16. maybe smokey is deterred by water (ben flushing him out, his preference of the woods over the beach…) and he can’t go home because the island is surrounded by it. so maybe sinking the island was a failsafe or last resort?

  17. The two timelines are very interesting. One in which whatever happened sort of happened (a hydrogen bomb went off and it didn’t get them off the island… it didn’t kill them either) and one that kind of looks like change but really isn’t… it’s difference. It’s not the same because obviously they don’t crash but it’s different in other ways too, before the time of the crash.

    It’s really hard to tell exactly why there are differences before the time of the crash. My first thought was that the island sunk in the late ’70s because of the bomb and it had been somehow influencing the Losties throughout their entire lives. What we’re seeing is the Losties without the influence of the island. But there’s at least one thing that doesn’t fit. Hurley confirmed on the plane that he is a lottery winner but wasn’t it the islands influence that helped him win the lottery with the numbers? So I don’t think that’s it… and it’s obviously not that things are different just because they didn’t crash because of all the differences we see before that time (not least of all that the island is under water).

    Buuuuuutttt… at the same time, there are hints that indicate that the no-crash timeline didn’t exist at all before the bomb went off. Charlie tells Jack that he should have died, the cut on Jack’s neck or the fact that he has some kind of recollection of Desmond…

    Quit teasing us already and tell us Fockes real name!

  18. Oh, what I meant to have in there too was that while we do see some crossover from crash timeline into the no-crash timeline we don’t really have any indications of crossover from the no-crash timeline to the crash timeline.

  19. indeed higbrow. my friends and i were all waiting as they almost said his name. it would make things so much easier.

    im personally much more engaged by the no change timeline as its providing more answers.

    maybe with the alternate timeline they are showing what the combination of many little changes will do in the losties destinies. these next few months will crawl by from wednesdays to mondays.

  20. I’ve been reading threads of similar topic in other sites (well, mainly darkufo), and a lot of folks think that the ALT is actually the end scenes of the show.

    I sure hope not. If it is that way, then what we’re seeing is a “flash forward….”

    What I want the ALT to do is somehow work/connect with the island somewhere down the season instead of being completely separate with the storyline. Otherwise, it’s [somewhat] Season 4 all over again in terms of watching what’s going on in the future.

  21. I don’t really see how the new storyline (the no-crash timeline) could possibly be viewed as the end scenes of the show. We’ll have to wait and see where they’re going with that but I’m pretty sure that eventually we’re just going to see the two lines come together.

  22. One thing I picked up on immediately after the sequence with Sayid being “healed” was when they took him out fo the water and were carrying him. His arms were straight out almost like he was crucified. Very Christ-like. Also, resurrected in a cave? hmm…

  23. i dont believe the alt is a flash forward. the reasoning for it is that the bomb didnt change the past, but something they will do this season (like sink the island in the past or something) will. but i really dont think thats happening.

    @bailey i don’t think we’re supposed to understand jack’s neck thing, at least no hoone i knew understood it.

    @headley yeah. one of my friends mentioned the arms out thing. kind of matrix 3-like. however, sayid is far from a saint or prophet.

  24. @ highbrow… Let’s not forget that Jack & Des have already met prior 2 the island, so the recollection really means nothing of remembering the island.. (Running up and down the stadium stairs.)

    Also I forgot something…

    7. Ben, was always a faux leader. He knew very little about the island, and/or smokey… (In my opinion…)

  25. On Jack’s neck, is it foreshadowing a merge or ‘bleeding through’ of the timelines. Almost like they are going to start bumping against each other for want of a better term. Didn’t Jack cut his neck in those last few episodes?
    Maybe in the new timeline Jack and des didn’t meet running. In the hatch they both definately remembered each other, but the ‘new’ Des seemed to have no recollection of jack so maybe they didn’t meet. Could also explain Shannon. If Jack decided to save Shannon’s Dad after the crash instead of Sarah, Shannon’s experiences would be different and jack wouldn’t have been running to stress about Sarah. I think the island ‘drowning’ will have significant effects on the losties, again ‘if’, if Christian was an other, his life, therefore jack’s would be quite different now that the island is gone. On the numbers, they may have been playing long before the 70s so Hurley could still access them.

  26. Guys, there is no alternate timeline. This can be explained as one single timeline with a loop. Imagine a paperclip that is straight, as you move alone that paperclip one series of events happens. Now create an incident, it causes a “Bend” in the paperclip or in time. Visually the whole paperclip’s future moves with the bend. Now create another incident which takes out the whole interference with the island stuff in the past like what happened, creates another bend back towards where it’s supposed to go and then realigns in a similar but not exact direction as it was originally, you now have a new series of events as we are seeing. Now you have a paperclip which half way through it has a loop. The reference “It worked!” from dead Juliet means she can see how they missed the island. However, a side affect of this means that there are eventually going to be two copies of everybody. Two Hurleys, two Jacks, Two Kates, Two Sawyers, etc. but on the SAME time line. There is only one time line and always will be. The only two plausible theories as to why the island is underwater with my single timeline theory is it’s either a spaceship that moved underwater, or it’s underwater because the same space can’t occupy itself in the same time kind of deal.

  27. in no particular order:

    Desmond changed seats to get away from a snoring passenger (or so he tells Jack). He simply returned to his assigned seat for landing (saves him having to wait around for everyone to leave to go back for his carry on luggage). No mystery. Jack recognizes him, either because of the stadium jogging scene or one like it, or as an opening salvo by the writers to suggest that they all have echo memories of the other reality. Same with Charlie’s line about being dead.

    By the way, loved the scene in which Jack asks for a pen to do an emergency trichyotomy on Charlie. Very ironic, that.

    The pool is muddy because Jacob is dead. Sayid comes back because Jacob has taken his body over the way Smokey took over Locke. There was a particular moment when Jacob looks down at Sayid thoughtfully next to the Dharma van. I think he was planning his next move. Also, just before Sayid (Fayid for fake Sayid?) wakes up, Hugo asks Miles ‘What is it?” as he looks down at Sayid’s body. Miles answers “NOTHING”. Not like nothing is up, but as in I SENSE NOTHING THERE ! There is nothing. The vessel is empty !

  28. Yeah… i rewatched the episode and I agree with your miles idea. He either sensed something really out there or sensed nothing at all. either way he seemed concerned.

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